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Literary shows on Ars between October 2 and 8, 2022

“Is the ruler even a man? If you add up all that is, is the sum a man?”

Hilary Mantel, one of the most important contemporary British authors, died a few days ago.

The most important work of Hilary Mantel, the historical trilogy Wolf Hall, is set at the beginning of the 16th century, at the court of King Henry VIII, and follows the rise of Thomas Cromwell to the position of royal minister. For the first and second part of the trilogy, In the shadow of the Tudors and Bring in the accused, won the Booker in 2009 and 2012. Since last year, we have had the first part of the trilogy in Slovenian Wolf Hall, In the Shadow of the Tudorstranslated by Dušanka Zabukovec, who is also the author of the literary evening.

“… and also, as far as the future is concerned, radio – or is it more correct: radiot? – is promising an increasingly broad-minded future than shimi. In general, radio is at its peak – if it is not yet, it will be: radio concerts, radio toothpicks and radio liquors and everything possible. Soon the whole world will be radio.”

Although the world seems to be changing rapidly, humanity is fundamentally not very different from what it used to be. That’s also why humorous texts Fran Milčinski they still work today, stupidity, calculating, arrogance, arrogance, deceit and other character traits are eternal. The stories of some of the most important Slovenian humorists will be on our show This week’s joke entertained throughout October.

“I’m wondering…no, I’m not wondering, I’m just mumbling…what am I doing here”

Writer Sarival Sosič in the few years since his first fiction novel was published The old man and me, firmly anchored in our book scene. His narrative texts are characterized by pronounced rhythmicity, recognizable, condensed, lyrical language that grows into parables and symbols, ramified sentences and narrative intensity. We have selected his short stories from the collection that will soon be published by the Litera publishing house Rain sun and My name is …

Katie Kitamura's books have been translated into twenty-one languages, but none of her works are currently available in Slovenian. Photo: AP

“It’s a complicated thing to say… demolishing the marriage edifice.”

Writer and lecturer Katie Kitamura (1979) is an American with Japanese roots. She entered the literary arena in 2009 with a novel Low probability (The Longshot), in which he talks about the preparation for a martial arts competition and skilfully intertwines the perspective of the coach and the athlete who is about to participate in the competition. The book received excellent reviews and was nominated for a young lions fiction award. After a doctorate in American literature, which she obtained in London, she decided to write and lecture. He currently lives in New York, where he teaches creative writing at New York University. Her books have been translated into twenty-one languages, but none of her works are currently available in Slovenian. The author of the Literary portrait about her, Leonora Flis, translated some excerpts from the novels for the show Breakupwhich should also be transferred to the movie screen, and Intimacies.

“I can’t do what I should do. I create an image of what I should.

One of the most important contemporary Czech poets Petr Borkovec (1970), guest of honor at last year’s Days of Poetry and Wine, in his poetry he observes and listens to the world, especially nature, in detail. He investigates animals and vegetation with microscopic precision and mostly weaves stories about their existence in a slow, meditative rhythm, but sometimes also takes on more bouncy, joyful tones. Lately, his literary creativity has been increasingly flowing into poems in prose, into rhythmic lyrical prose or short stories with a distinct plot, all with a special sensitivity to details, delving into the essence of things, animals and people. The show was prepared by translator Nives Vidrih.

Literary shows on Ars between October 2 and 8, 2022
Sunday, October 22:05 p.m. Humoresque of the week – Fran Milčinski: About fashion images, Radio and Magazines 7:30 p.m. Memories, letters and travelogues – France Mesesnel and Veno Pilon 10:05 p.m. Literary portrait – Katie Kitamura 11:00 p.m. Literary nocturne – Guy de Maupassant: Confession

Monday, October 323.00 Literary nocturne – France Kosmač: Life – death

Tuesday, October 421.00 Literary evening – Petr Borkovec 23.00 Literary nocturne – Selma Skenderović: Shallow waters

Wednesday, October 523.00 Literary Nocturne – Patricija Šešek: Every evening I cross my fingers

Thursday, October 621.05 Literary Evening (at Prve) – Gary Snyder 23.00 Literary Nocturne – Blaž Lukan: The Theory of Nothing

Friday, October 723.00 Literary nocturne – Aphorisms about cats

Saturday, October 818.00 Selected prose – Ivo Andrić: Travniška kronika 23.00 Literary nocturne – Jure Detela: Moss and silver

Source: Rtvslo

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