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Blanca-Lewin breaks silence after split from Daniel Matamara: ‘I’ve learned to ask for help’



Blanca Lewin has addressed her split with Daniel Matamara, who she was married to for two years.

during his participation God’s food The famous CHV actress has broken her silence about her broken marriage to a journalist, saying it’s only been “a little bit of time.” “It’s too recent to look at it from the distance necessary to talk about it.”

“If so, I cry and I don’t want to cry,” the interpreter admitted, sharing with Independencia Mayor Gonzalo Durán and actors Pedro Campos and Liliana Garcia.

Similarly, Lewin acknowledged his endorsement. closest environment Dealing with this complicated moment is essential.

“Before eating a moment of sadness or melancholy alone And now I’ve learned to ask for help And then I realized that I was surrounded by people who loved me so much,” she said.

“We don’t live alone in the world. I find myself,” he concluded with the support of the other participants.

Remember last April Matamara joined Julio Cesar Rodriguez in his later years. but respectfully on the occasion he also mentioned his new life after his separation from Blanca.

“I have a son and I focus on having his own place, just like I focus on very practical things. I focus on making sure that you have and feel comfortable,” he said.

Therefore, day by day, he made sure that he focused on: “Do practical things to keep life flowing, like creating schedules and routines.”

Source: Biobiochile

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