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Alfredo Alonso claims he warned government about possible incident on Daddy Yankee show



Alfredo Alonso has responded to the criticism he received after Daddy Yankee’s chaotic show in Santiago hosted by producer Bizarro, who he oversees.

in a conversation with worshipAlonso revealed the complicated days he had to face due to a disability recorded at a concert. I got

The producer then assured that before the show, a letter was sent to the government warning that the incident could be recorded. “I didn’t start organizing a month ago, I started seeing these WhatsApp groups starting to come together a few days ago, so I sent them out the day before.” counted.

“With that in mind, please send this letter, pay attention to these things, and offer all of our help. Still, a small fund was sent.” he added.

In that sense, Alfredo acquitted Carabineros. “On day one Carabineros went with his crew of under 250. On day two he was over 800. It was logical. It should have been from day one.”

After sending the letter, the producer said he had not heard back from authorities.

“The day after we got together, we were told that everything was fine and that they had already finished their work to inspect what we had done. (previously) has a press point, but then when something happens, The first thing they do is say it’s the responsibility of the private sector and the responsibility of the production companies. ” he launched.

“We’ve been through a lot in our lives, but trust me, at this point, we already know what to do and what not to do,” he said. I was.

In that sense, Alonso is guilty of what happened to him. “Irresponsible people who gather only to do harm.”

Finally, Bizarro’s director responded to those who claimed the production company should have paid for security outside the stadium.

“Both undersecretaries and presidential delegates used to demonize words that are very fashionable today, such as ‘private’ and ‘profit’. I am told without knowing why because there is a law against having security guards outside the premises. The law does not allow us,” he defended.

It should be noted that Alonso assured earlier this week that there would be a lawsuit against those responsible for evading security controls and entering the recital without a ticket.

“We will sue them. We understand that Chile is experiencing a social explosion with legitimate needs, but these people are taking advantage of it to commit crimes. Private security guards don’t have the tools to stop aggressive people,” he commented.

Source: Biobiochile

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