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Magdalena Max Neef Updates Gabriel Prieto’s Health Status: Actor In Induced Coma



The actor’s condition was revealed on Saturday night, when an interpreter found him in the ICU due to a COVID infection that was exacerbated by his diabetes.

Via social networks, Chilean actress Magdalena Maxneef wanted to comment on the condition of her colleague and friend Gabriel Prieto.He is hospitalized in critical condition due to a multi-system failure.

The iconic interpreter posted a video on Instagram to thank followers who asked her about the status of the actor she’s starring in the film with. family in law.

“I knew many people loved Gabito, I don’t think even he measures how many people want it it makes me very happy, ”he began to say.

In it, Max Neef assured:What I want most is for him to get better later and be able to show him all his errands. , every message, every question, hope it affects your health. ”

The Condition of Magdalena Max-Neef and Gabriel Prieto

Also, Prieto, who founded the Teatro Aparte with performers Rodrigo Bastidas and Elena Muñoz, wanted to renew his acting position. until i find you, I regret that this is “still very serious”.

“Gabit menacing still life He is on dialysis because he has problems with kidney function,” he assured, and the interpreter also “He is in an induced coma.”

“Because you say how are you?A lot of people ask me, but I feel a little better than yesterday I think the fact that it’s going to be a little better and a little less bad at least gives me a lot of hope,” he added shortly after.

Max-Neef also highlighted the good wishes he received on his social networks, saying, “keep praying and send good energy And full of love for Gabito. ”

“Let’s hope for pure good news,” the interpreter concluded. Venegas.

Hours before the video, Max Neef posted a heartfelt message to a friend. He remembered the many moments they had together and wished Prieto a speedy recovery.

Juan Pablo Saez told Radio Bío Bío that the artist is in a serious condition. A COVID infection exacerbated by the diabetes he suffered from.

Part of the liver and heart system is damaged Diabetes and pre-existing COVID are now gripping him, complicating things,” he added.

“We are all confident that Gabriel will recover, It is equally true that his situation is delicate. ” his colleague commented.

Source: Biobiochile

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