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Camila Lekabaren confirms she’s in a relationship: Her partner is a yoga instructor



The model and former Miss Chile referred to her sentimental situation and assured that she had been in a relationship with a Chilean woman for two years in the United States.

After Camila Lekabaren gave a magazine an extensive interview Sarahe talked about his work on television, his stay in the US and his current partner. She’s a Chilean woman.

Throughout the conversation, the aforementioned medium assured: Camila mentions the word ‘couple’ ’ So they wanted to know about their sentimental situation.

A) yes Lekabaren admitted to being in a relationship with a yoga instructor “She’s Chilean, she’s in Miami, He will also return to Chile soon. ” ,relief.

According to former Miss Chile, in the last month she lived in the United States, her girlfriend was with her and Leseballen traveled to Miami “to be together.”

Camila Lekabaren and her new lover

According to the former chef, his relationship with a yoga instructor dates back two years. “met on instagram And we’ve been in a relationship, and that’s been one of the changes for me on the love front,” he admitted.

“I am making changes in my relationships in general. i want to feel loved . Before erecting obstacles. equal, I love my freedom so much that I find it hard to be in a relationship and it must be difficult for her to accept, but we’ll be fine,” he explained.

Similarly, due to the distance, Rekabaren also added:I don’t need someone who’s always by my side and on top of that trust and relationships are built. we trust each other so much I send love to her and she to me. ”

Either way, the model decided to stop referring to her partner because it was “not public.”

In 2019, in an interview with the same magazine, Lekabaren was identified as pansexual that is, she can be sexually attracted to people of all genders, which is different from bisexuality (showing attraction to people who clearly identify as male or female).

However, at the moment Lekabaren admitted that she didn’t feel identified under that label. “I’m constantly changing myself. I’m not who I am today, and that’s how I try to improve my version,” he began to explain.

“I said pansexual at the time, but no label today he admits, at the moment, “And as awful as that sounds, I am love.”

“I want to spread love to everyone, couple or not. I just want to be love. Love is inclusive. I couldn’t catalog myself on any label today.” he emphasized.

Camila Lekabaren wanted to thank her ex-partner when she remembered her first public relationship with a woman.infinitely grateful for what we had Perhaps I wasn’t emotionally mature at the time, but I still shared myself and was the only person whose love for you could support you, and Dana did it with me. ‘ he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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