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Cara Delevigne and Margot Robbie have a confusing case in Argentina: Photographer hospitalized


The actresses were in a restaurant and had a moment that has two very different versions. The photographer claims she was attacked by two of her star friends in Hollywood.

Model Cara Delevingne and actress Margot Robbie were spotted together in Argentina after dominating the cover in September with their quirky looks. I caused a confusing incident with the cameraman.

as mentioned TMZ Initially, Robbie and Delevigne were having dinner in Buenos Aires on Sunday night when they decided to leave a restaurant and order an Uber to get to their accommodation.

However, when I approached the vehicle requested on the app, the photographer pounced on them and took pictures “The encounter frightened the driver. He puts Carla in the car and decides to leave with Margot in it. ” explanation.

According to the media the main character of barbie had to jump to avoid being dragged the photographer continued to take new images.

Therefore, two friends of the actress decided to intervene. The man ran away when he saw the subject and fell mid-career, according to entertainment media.

however, infoflya photographer called Pedro “Peter” Orquera, The men threw him out, chased him and beat him.

“I am very broken mentally and in a lot of pain” an expert commented to the media, and a man They are accused of being seriously injured.

Specifically the orchestra He suffered an open fracture of his right elbow and has been hospitalized awaiting surgery.

Another version of the Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie dispute

In a conversation with the media, Orquela said, “The photo was commissioned by a magazine and was told that the two actresses were incognito in the countryside. I searched for them and found them in a restaurant.” I commented.

“When they came out and tried to get in the car, The door was locked and they went crazy. That’s how I took the picture,” he said, noting that the men quickly approached.

“I kept taking pictures. They accused me and started insulting me in English They bullied me and I ran to a waiting taxi. They tried to steal my camera.” ,Narration.

According to the photographer, “They were aiming at me and they caught up with me. I don’t know what it was, but he threw his full weight at me at high speed. Yo I fell to the ground with my arms and crashed into a taxi. . It was terrible. the camera flew, Seeing exposed bones, bleeding, I couldn’t move my arm I lost consciousness, ”condemned the expert.

“It’s the first time I’ve experienced something like this. Brutal beatings, acts of violence of this nature. The camera flew through the air. Luckily I picked it up off the floor and put it in my backpack. I have the images,” he quickly added.

Cara Delevigne’s return after erratic behavior

In mid-September, Delevingne was seen disheveled and nervous. Her last appearance took place at the Los Angeles airport, where she was documented and photographs were taken of her showing her erratic behavior.

Media speculation suggests the young model may have health issues for unconfirmed reasons, highlighting her absence from her own Cara Loves Karl clothing collection and the Emmys launch as well. doing.

However, after a few weeks Robbie has reappeared on social networks attending Paris Fashion Week s unveiled Karl Lagerfeld’s signature collection.

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