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“I still excite me at that moment”: Gigi Martin remembers how he lived his brother’s death after the battle.



The humorist remembered the difficult moment when he knew his brother’s death.

On Sunday night, humorist Gigi Martin reminiscent of Martin Calcamo. One of the most difficult moments in his life when he faced his brother Quintin’s death An event that caused a reunion with Mauricio Flores.

While talking about memories in the program From you to youThe comedian later remembered his relationship with Quintin and pointed out that. They were always very intimate until he decided to approach Flores.

“Quintin had a lot of attachment to me, but suddenly, This changes when we work with Mauricio, who fought until we died. ” He remembered that his anger had increased to his brothers.

That anger is He ignored his relatives for months Regardless of whether I saw him on the street, simply He pretended not to see it.

“Then I said: “My brother died for me.” And a few months later, my brother died. ” He lamented at that time.

“I’ve never heard of a screaming scream as my niece’s screams. When I arrived in Padre Ultado, there were firefighters and police officers and he had already died,” said Martin.

His brothers had already left, but the comedian asked everyone to be alone with Quintin’s body, who was still on bed. “I remember talking to him, I asked him for a thousand forgiveness For what he said, “he said.

I am at the feet of the bed, Suddenly, when I looked sideways, there was Mauricio I haven’t met him for a long time, but we met at the foot of the bed, at the dead brother’s bedside, “he recalled.

Therefore, despite the hostility they had been holding for a long time, Gigi Martin remembered the following:We hugged each other and I cried sadly When I saw my brother there, it was cold … because there was no puddle on my face. He was very strong. “

Gigi Martin and his brother’s Quentin’s death

According to the comedian His brother died as a result of cardiopulmonary arrest After the day of heart attack. “When I went to the hospital, I was told that I had gastritis. After going to my doctor, he was told that he had gastritis,” he lamented.

Among them, Martin acknowledged it He still feels guilty about his words And the action before my brother departs. “It was very difficult to get rid of that guilt I really like traveling alone at night, and I remember him well there, “he confessed.

Similarly, he pointed out his brother’s death.I will not give it to anyone.It’s terrible I didn’t feel it was going on, it was unrealistic and a lie. ”

In any case, there was another shock to live. He told his mother the news. According to humorists, he wanted to talk to his mother about Quintin’s departure.

“My mother was sitting, and without any preparation,” Mother, Quentin died, “she said. “No, I already know. He warned me He narrated and guaranteed that the news left him frozen.

I didn’t see my mother crying In the cemetery, he said only a word. That was the only thing he said. Since then, my mother is no longer the same. He lamented and pointed out that his mother had a serious depression.

Source: Biobiochile

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