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Mario “Pogo” Carneyro, Founder of Los Peores de Chile and Fundamental Figure of National Punk, Dies



Mario “Pogo” Carneiro, an integral name in Chilean punk, died today at the age of 65. He is a musician he was part of Fiskales Ad-Hok and founded Los Peores de Chile.

A prominent Chilean musician died this Monday Mario “Pogo” Carneiro (1957), founder of the group Chile’s worst former member of Fiskales Ad-Hok and a fundamental figure in Chilean punk.

This fact was made known this afternoon from the official account of his favorite band, Los Peores de Chile. “Unfortunately Pogo passed away… He died surrounded by his family and a band of kittens.” read messages that have gone viral on social networks.

“I’m very sorry, but like Capo, the strength he’s had since he traveled has braved and bravely resisted the cancer that’s been battling him for so long. but never stop making music, books and paintings with the creativity of a leader,” reads a message from his former colleague.

Pogo’s health problems became apparent last April when charity events and activities began to be organized in Pogo’s name. “To the entire family of Los Piors de Chile, I would like to inform you that (Pogo) has embarked on a journey to obtain his PhD in Heaven,” the message concludes.

Rodrigo Osorio The vocalist of Sinergia and president of the Chilean Society of Music Writers and Interpreters (SCD) also wanted to fire him. “Dear Pogo, thank you for your humility, closeness and consistency.”

“Thank you for giving me the honor to record your anthem ‘Syndrome Cambodia’ with Synergia. The most authentic punk of all.RIP.”

Pogo: From Fiscal to the Worst Chili

Designer, draftsman, photographer, writer, cultural manager, composer and enthusiastic crew member. As a child, Carneiro displayed artistic talent, first visually and then musically, but it was the bass player of Fiscares Ad Hoc who officially became “Pogo” (initially the way he played the instrument). did not know).

After a brief but significant stint in the band (1987-1991), the musician continued the punk/rock streak, obsessed with larry and, Chile’s worst the group that accompanied him for most of his career.

“Cicciolina”, “Spindrome Cambodia”, “Boogie Woogie”, “Hollywood Boulevard” Released on the BMG label in 1994, it was the few hits that made his voice known on the band’s successful self-titled album.

As a writer who debuted in “Brass and 24 Hours” (La Calabaza del Diablo, 2017), later plans to publish an autobiography (“The Worst Book in Chile”, 2018, Santiago Andel Publishing House) and a narrative book (“Morphopunk”, 2020) on the same label. .

The musician’s funeral will be held this Monday at 5pm. black dog space (Amazonas Street #607, Metro Matta, Santiago).

Source: Biobiochile

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