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‘I am waiting for your apology’: Daniel Matamara responds to Kast’s criticism of remarks on Zero Tolerance



The journalist and former lieutenant crossed over again on social networks. This time it was after comments Matamara made on his Tolerancia Cero.

via twitter Daniel Matamara In response to the former presidential candidate’s comments Jose Antonio Casto Announced after the show zero tolerance, Where journalists spoke about the need for a new constitution.

In an interview with a Spanish politician Caetana Alvarez de Toledo The communicator noted that “the idea of ​​changing the constitution in Chile has not started since October 18, 2019.”

“For 30 years, the Chilean majority consistently wanted a new, democratic constitution to replace the one left behind by the dictatorship. It’s not ‘suddenly by gangsters’ that was brought into the discussion. ” he added.

For the above reasons, the Republican Party leader has added a series of images showing that Matamara “lyed” on the aforementioned social network.

“Daniel Matamara lies When he says that for 30 years the majority of Chileans wanted a new constitution. We need responsible journalism, not disguised activism,” the former vice president said.

The above prompted responses from journalists. We are waiting for your apology. have a good day”.

Note that the communicator took similar action after the comment from Ivan Podu On Twitter, he claimed the statement was false.

“Hi, Ivan, I enclose proof that what I said is true.

Source: Biobiochile

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