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TV host criticizes Tini Stoessel while she sings live: They didn’t realize they were on air



The singer was criticized for her appearance while performing live at the opening concert of the Asuncion 2022 South American Games in Paraguay.

Tini Stossel was brutally criticized by the TV host of Paraguayan signal Tigo Sports while broadcasting her concert live The presenter was unaware that the microphone was on when making derogatory comments towards the singer.

On October 1st last year, “Tini” performed the opening concert for the opening of the Asuncion 2022 South American Games held in Paraguay, which was broadcast on several TV channels in the country.

according to the portal infofly, The commentators were Monse González, Jorge Vera and Eva Rodriguez. spoke harshly about the artist’s body while doing her show.

Viewers commented, “Look at that belly button,” “I don’t want to see it, I’m going to have a nightmare.” The recording was captured by a majority of the audience who indicated they declined to comment on social networks.

For example, Twitter users stressed that “you shouldn’t comment on other people’s bodies,” and some even suggested firing the journalists who made the criticism.

Vera, González and Rodríguez posted videos referencing their comments and apologies. “It’s a disappointing comment I’d like to apologize for. It sounds like ‘Look at Tini’s navel’.” what can i say to you It was a mistake, I accept it, I admit it, a mistake that clearly hurt,” Rodriguez admitted.

“It’s disgusting, I’m sorry. It was a completely irrelevant comment. I did it without thinking. You suddenly do things you don’t feel or think. I wanted to publicly apologize. We accept the message that these games are not overshadowed by this,” said Gonzalez, who has now taken the social network private.

Finally, Jorge Vera apologized, explaining: “For me, I understood that he had a beautiful and successful woman and a great artist, so I thought, ‘I understand De Paul’.” did. At this time, Tini Stoessel has not mentioned the subject.

Source: Biobiochile

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