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Tamara Acosta and the effects of her endogenous depression: ‘I remember driving and wanting to let go’


The interpreter wanted to delve into one of the most difficult moments in her life as she struggled with depression. According to Acosta, he began showing symptoms when she was 14.

On Monday night, actress Tamara Acosta mentioned Suffering from endogenous depression, also known as recurrent depression, he maintains a constant battle with depression on a daily basis.

In a conversation with Martin Carcamo, the actress revealed her first episode of depression. Appeared at the age of 14 “He revealed himself with a lot of grief mixed with adolescence. beyond puberty. It’s not normal.” commented.

“It felt like nothing meant anything. I felt so alone.i cried a lot I remember crying alone without knowing why. No more grief,” he explained at the time.

According to interpreters, episodes of intense grief can last for months. Nevertheless, Diagnosed with recurrent depression at age 30 when he suffered an episode of major depression.

“I’m stuck. Panic attacks, panic attacks, can’t get out of bed “I can’t even get up,” recalls Acosta.

Tamara Acosta and the peak of her depression

Beyond the caricature of someone feeling depressed, the actress explained that “bathing was like climbing Everest.” “The pain is so great that anything that relieves pain is better than this.”

Shortly after, Carcamo asked his companions if they had ever considered suicide. “I wasn’t thinking of killing myself, but I felt like I wasn’t there. Never thought I’d do this to kill myself for not being here But yes it put me at ease.

“That’s the danger of depression. Suicide due to lack of support (Pain),” he commented after a brief silence.

“I deleted some periods, Driving, thinking, wanting to let go, now remembered I had the clarity to say to myself: ‘Shoot, eyes,'” she confessed.

Therefore, the actress decided to enter the clinic when she realized the seriousness of her diagnosis. “I spent a few days in the clinic and the rest at my parents’ house. That’s where all the drugs regulate me,” he revealed.

Regarding the stigma of psychiatric patients, Acosta said despite everything, “I felt they told me. You’re not crazy You’re not complicated No, you have a disease and this disease is treated like this. You too have learned to know yourself and know what your limits are. ”

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