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Remembering Avalanche Of Humans, Daddy Yankee Says Goodbye To Chile And Closes Door To New Show


The reggaeton singer said goodbye to the country by releasing a video reminiscing about various moments of his presentation in Chile. Guaranteed.

This Tuesday morning, Puerto Rican singer Ramon Ayala (better known as Daddy Yankee) I have shared a video looking back on the 3 days of concerts in Chile has closed its doors to its presentation at the Vina del Mar Festival after days of rumors.

In the video, the musician appears to speak directly to Chilean fans. “Chile. There’s a lot of history there. That too. It’s a country that I love so much, it’s a very special country,” he says.

Similarly, the registry shows various videos of concerts, as well as news samples and a statue made in his honor. Various images of human stampedes participating in the event .

“I am very grateful to the people of Chile. It was an incredible three nights full of energy.” Ayala mentions shortly after.

The musician sent another written message, along with a video reminding him of what his trip to the homeland was like.Thus he began the text by quoting Juan Gabriel’s song you are always my love “You are someone I will never forget.”

I wanted to date at least 7 more times We have responded to the requests of the promoters so that everyone who always gives us a lot of love can enjoy it.”

“Unfortunately, There were no dates available at the stadium that fit into our already established itinerary.” lament.

“From everyone take the best memories and the love they give me each year, that love is mutual!!” he continued.

Then Daddy Yankee affirmed:I’m going back to Chile Because there is a beautiful land that I could not get to know through my work, But on my next trip, I’ll be playing his friend Raymond Ayala. ” .

The musician thus echoed rumors that surfaced this week regarding a possible appearance at the Viña del Mar festival. The reggaeton king has closed the option to newly return to Chile.

“Thank you to all my fans. Thank you for always keeping me up to date with your country. They always made themselves feel each time I visited Chile You are and always will be my extended family. Thank you very much! Saying goodbye to everyone, but not before inviting me to join the show in Puerto Rico and get to know my beautiful country,” concluded Big Boss.

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