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Worst year?Cristian Delafuente Controversy and Drama That Makes You Want to Forget This His 2022



Actor Cristian de la Fuente has had a year of oblivion after starring in difficult moments and controversies in the country since last year.

A fact confirmed by the same actor, the marriage of Angelica Castro and the actor, after the Mexican media began circulating a video that appeared to show Cristian de la Fuente kissing a young woman. It added another bitter moment to a complicated year.

The interpreter who returned to Mexico this week, this Monday, “The only people I have to apologize to are my family.” He also said that after a dispute, he focused on “correcting mistakes, asking for forgiveness, and being a better person.”

And beyond the controversy they are currently wrestling with, 2022 is the year to forget couples because they have been surrounded only in bad times.

It all started at the end of 2021, but the bad news didn’t last around the de la Fuente Castro family. One of his most difficult moments the actor occurred at the end of November last year. He had to say goodbye to his sister Andrea, who died far away.

“Who could have imagined that this picture would be our last Christmas together…and then the pandemic happened… And today the phone tells us how fragile life can be. ” ” he lamented.

Cristian de la Fuente and case watches

At the end of 2021, La Red’s report referred to an investigation into the Watches VIP case. So, on that website, a television signal linked him to a luxury watch smuggling case. This is being investigated by the Ministry of Public Affairs.

Despite the fact that the actor sent a letter to the channel requesting corrections, his request was ignored and de la Fuente did the download at Mega.

He then indicated that he had sold the watch through an intermediary, who contacted him and told him he had a client who wanted to be paid by the latest check. De la Fuente only agreed when he found out it was Tonka Tomich, he said.

“I gave the watch. I got Tonka’s check and the end of the story,” he warned, adding: I had a certificate of origin for these gemstones.

Legal battle against network

He spoke to various media outlets about the situation, but La Red did not seem to continue with de la Fuente’s demands, so The actor has launched a legal battle against the television channel. Once again we are asking the media to correct the news.

Likewise, he requested that the letters he sent be published. You can exercise your right to reply The dispute was given the green light when Mr. de la Fuente assured that the Court of Guarantees had accepted the case, and the website had to amend its message.

A few months later, the same actor commented that his reputation was still tarnished.

Departure of Angelica Castro from Channel 13

In February of this year, Cheerleaders reported that they would not be participating in the program. I’m hereHowever, Angélica Castro claimed on social networks that she had not been notified by Channel 13.

“Today, February 24th, Channel 13 has informed me that the direction of the show has yet to be decided, so I have to move forward with my personal future and work projects. Today, Channel 13 and I are free to act. ” then published the communicator.

Before his controversial exit, the actor defended his wife and replayed his message: “A big loss for Channel 13. They didn’t know how to appreciate what they had. ” I have written.

another blow to the family

But in March of that year, drama engulfed the family. The interpreter was trapped while transporting his daughter. and underage friends.

After the Chilean actors fled anti-social forces, one of them began firing at a vehicle, part of the projectile entered and The boy injured both legs.

Laura de la Fuente eventually underwent emergency surgery and after months of rehabilitation, The young woman was able to walk again and was able to carry on with her daily activities.

Controversy after his political actions

After the attack on his daughter, the actor began to criticize the government harshly and publish his political views on social networks and programs.

in addition to him Active participation and management in support of the Tamara Act ~Increase sentences for those involved in crimes against minors~, actor Actively participated in campaigns for opt-out options.

Among them, for example, his passing no filtermidway through the program, one of the panelists assured that supporters of the denial had “privileges.”

De la Fuente continues: Businessmen took off their coats of arms by working to get what they had, but why would that be a privilege?

People say to me, “You, from your privileged place.”I was born two blocks from here is the son of my father’s lover and lives in another house (…) I ended up supporting my mother and everything today is because I worked hard.

His remarks were criticized by comedian Bombo Fica and Chilean director Octavio Amaro.

“Hey de la Fuente, you were going to Grunge with me. If it’s not a privilege, I don’t know what. We all get coats of arms, but you and I are a thousand kilometers ahead of everyone else,” said the filmmaker on social networks.

Threats to Cristian de la Fuente

But not only did his remarks end up with some of the criticism, but the same actor announced in September of this year He said he had received death threats.

“There were a couple that I said might be true and I blamed them. They said in a direct message on Instagram that they were going to kill me. It was as if you had come to such a place.

I found out what I was getting into when I worked with my opinions You had to risk it because you had to work to avoid something I thought was bad for the country.And today you have to work for something better. I have to.

Source: Biobiochile

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