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THE WONDER: Trailer released for Chilean Sebastian Lelio starring Florence Pugh



This will be our first glimpse of The Wonder, the new film by Chilean Sebastian Lelio, starring British actress Florence Pugh.

This Tuesday morning, Netflix will first trailer The official version of the exciting psychodrama by Chilean director Sebastian Lelio El Prodigio (THE WONDER). It stars British actress Florence Pugh.

A first look at the streaming premiere will arrive before attending the Headline Gala premiere in London. film festivalfollowed by his acclaimed debut telluride film festival. of Toronto International Film Festival and the San Sebastian Film Festival.

movie Adapted from the best-selling novel by Emma Donoghue (ROOM). also inspired by the true story of the phenomenon “Fasting Women”.

moreover, Florence Pugh will appear on screen alongside actors Tom Burke, Kira Lord Cassidy, Elaine Cassidy, Niamh Algar, Toby Jones and Ciarán Hinds. The script was co-written by the book’s authors, Lelio and Alice Burch.

THE WONDER is set in 1862, exactly 13 years after the Great Famine. the period of famine, disease, and mass emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1849.

In this context, British nurse Liv Wright (Florence Pugh) is called from Ireland by a devoted community to oversee the 15-day treatment of the sick. .

Anna O’Donnell (Kíla Lord Cassidy) is an 11-year-old girl who miraculously survived thanks to a belief called “manna from heaven”, but has not eaten for four months.

With Anna’s health deteriorating rapidly, Liv is determined to uncover the truth and challenge the faith of a community that tries to hold on to their faith. The film will premiere on Netflix on November 16th. .

Florence Pugh

Source: Biobiochile

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