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Angeles Araya Leaves, Classic Megaduo Comes: Priscilla Vargas and Repenning Host To Dear


The journalist will join The Morning Show this month as the new host of The Morning Slot.

Through a statement, Channel 13 confirmed this Tuesday that journalists Priscilla Vargas and Jose Luis Repenning They become a TV duo again, take over the morning drive your day.

Similarly, from the signal they confirmed the new format of the space. What do viewers want and need to see this morning?” Repenning commented in a statement.

According to the communicator, working with Priscilla Vargas again “is one of the things that excites me the most. What would Alexis Sanchez be without Arturo Vidal? Working with such partners is the key to a successful project Complementing myself with a duo makes everything much easier and I am so happy and excited because working with “Pri” is like riding a bike and I will never forget it over time. I’m here.

Vargas said, “In addition to missing Lepe, We can talk and everything we do together is so easy. ” “It’s a privilege to work with friends because we know each other humorously, we know how far to go and everything works better. Without a doubt, each I think we can bring out the best in each other,” he added.

In addition to the announcement, Signal also released this new staged spot in the space where journalist and show editor Pamela Diaz is responsible for content. In audiovisual works, You can see drivers sharing with different people in the middle of different points in the big city .

There’s no definite date yet for when the Supra will arrive in the morning, but it’s confirmed to be this month.

What will happen to Angeles Araya?

Confirmed BioBio Chile Journalist Angeles Araya concentrate on other projects of Chanel.Communicators will already be preparing for the new season social cafeSunday morning.

until now, It’s unclear if Angeles Araya will be able to say goodbye onscreen because it depends on how her health evolves after the broken collarbone that afflicted her.

Source: Biobiochile



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