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Hocus Pocus 2’s Doug Jones and new Billy Butcherson: ‘We had to create new voices’


Disney premiered on September 30th last year. Hocus Pocus 2 Through the Disney Plus platform. The film aims to be the new staple of Halloween, played by the Sanderson Sisters. Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy.

Broadly speaking, the new story takes place after three teenagers accidentally resurrect the Sanderson family, putting many people in danger. With the above, the plot revolves around how to prevent it from causing problems and put it back in place.

For that reason, the key character this time is Billy Butcherson (Doug Jones) Rise from the grave and become the witch of your worst nightmares. His appearance is even darker and his mouth is still cooked, but he maintains the “Good Zombie” bona fides.

The big change in this work is that Billy has an important ally, gibbert (Sam Richardson) also has his secret.

BioBio Chile I had the chance to speak with these two American comedians. They shared details about filming and their thoughts on the sequel, which was released the night before Halloween.

Doug, we’ve seen Billy look even more ominous. What are his main changes?

Because at the end of the first movie we went to the graveyard and in this movie we came out of the same place (laughs). One difference is that Billy’s mouth is open this time, so I had to rework the voice with more depth, With all the effort that goes into this.”

“The other thing that’s new is that instead of chasing after kids to prove Billy is better, we have this guy (referring to Sam Richardson), the famous Gilbert, who is very helpful. is. I had a secret that I lost my mind before I knew it (laughs), but somehow I managed to come forward.” he added.

Do you think this new Sam Hocus Pocus will be the new Halloween classic?

“I believe Hocus Pocus 2 It feels like a true sequel to the first, so it could become a new Halloween staple. It was a work combined with his first work, so there were a lot of worries and worries,” he noted.

“I think for a lot of people, myself included, this movie is like going back 29 years. I think they will appreciate it,” he added.

How was your reunion with Sister Doug Sanderson?

“It’s really great to be working with these amazing actresses again. I never thought I’d get the chance again. I still remember Winnifred (Bette Midler) greeting us with the classic “Hello Billy.” Our relationship has always been that way. ”

Sam, you confessed to us that you are a follower of deception Have you ever imagined being part of the second installment?

“Well, the truth is, I thought I was a fan myself. deception, But it took me a long time to become an actor and learn about this new work. I didn’t think I would stay here because I couldn’t find a prototype[laughs]but it was a great experience,” he concludes.

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