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Pedestrian reprimands Channel 13 journalist for incident at Liceo de Apricación: police intervene



Since the morning, journalists have been approached by furious passers-by, and the “Tu Día”, who had been broadcasting the incident outside the Liceo de Apricación, wondered why they only showed the students.

show reporter your dayfrom channel 13, scolded during live broadcast While reporting on an incident that occurred near the Santiago Appli Liceo this Tuesday morning.

This is reporter Rodrigo Perez, who was with the cameraman outside the education campus. As the journalist was talking to his morning driver, Francesco Gazella, a passerby approached him.

The unidentified subject began pushing towards the camera, constantly repeating phrases that were not clearly understood. Nevertheless, Perez interpreted the man as not agreeing to have police officers or the media at the scene.

“What’s going on?” his colleague asked from the studio as reporters tried to keep order and the cameras jerked. “Rodrigo, are you listening?” Perez replied.

“What happens is that In the meantime, adults have appeared who will somehow reprimand the press, and the police are just in this field “Weirdly, I don’t know who it is,” he restated.

Confronted with the pedestrian’s demeanor, one of the police officers on the highway approached him to pull him away from the press. Subject struggled for several seconds and was eventually removed from Channel 13 journalists.

After a while, The reporter explained that he was reprimanded for covering only “one side” of the event. , that of a student. Although he clarified that he was unable to enter the military sector due to lack of access.

Source: Biobiochile

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