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Altoyoyo Makes Debut With All Bastards Action Series: ‘I Want To Believe We’re In Hollywood’


In “All Busters,” Altoyoyo’s Rodrigo Vazquez plays the lead role alongside Leon Murillo. “Action can coexist with the comedy genre,” he says of the premiere.

last night chapter one “All bastards” a web series created by comedian Rodrigo Vazquez, Altyoyo In , he plays the lead role with another noted humor and stand-up artist. Leon Murillo .

“Richard (Rodrigo Vazquez) and Rubén (Leon Murillo) are two people who are not at all alike, but their circumstances are so different that they are at the center of the dizzying latest events in Chile today and their own personal problems. In the meantime, you’ll be working with an investigative police force.Read the plot description, which mixes elements of intrigue, action, drama, and, of course, no small amount of humor.

For Altoyoyo, he is also a co-author of the project Peter McPhee Responsible Director is an attempt to add new nuances to his content offering while also tackling hitherto unexplored territory in his acting career. The series premieres episodes every Monday through his YouTube channel. yoyox.

“I used to do a series on YouTube called Frustrated Talent and it was very well received. takes about a year to BioBio Chile is not afraid to describe the initiative as a “pandemic project.”

Regarding Murillo’s participation, Vazquez stresses: More than that, he is a comedian as well as an actor. This is important. It suited me very well.” Details are not capricious. His one of the engines of “All Bastards” is Altoyoyo’s penchant for action and police series.

“We are focusing on action genres that can coexist with comedy. There probably isn’t much comedy in the first chapter yet, but we can see that they motivate us,” he said.

the cast is complete Remigio Remedy, Dalinka Gonzalez, Francesc Morales, Catalina Castellblanco, Pia Maureira There are a total of 7 chapters, averaging 15 minutes.

“I added humor and effort to make it look more like a movie than a sketch. There’s comedy and action, and we’ve always respected this because it’s in our blood. “training day” as one of his inevitable action movie genres.

“People look, look, police procedure is less formal than anything else…how can you get away with it!” Comedy and silly humor.

“Never (I leave the silly humor), I’m always there because I love those sketches. They make me happy. Because I like doing it and I believe we are in Hollywood,” he added.

Source: Biobiochile



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