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Tour and greetings from Don Francisco: This was Karen Doggenweiler’s welcome to Mucho Gusto



Entertainer and journalist Karen Doggenweiler was congratulated and welcomed by the channel’s many faces on her first day hosting Mucho Gusto. Experts therefore excitedly commented on her plans in space.

Journalist Karen Doggenweiler had an emotional opening day this Wednesday by cheering on Mucho Gusto.and walking the channel where communicators reunite with former colleagues I received greetings from various faces.

Everything started 10 minutes before morning started. Cheerleaders intrude on Mega’s news program waving her hand and assuring her that she was lost.

Therefore, in a conversation with a communicator, the former face of TVN said, “Today is a day of great anxiety and tension, I am also very happy.

“The passage I visit, meet friends who used to work together I am very happy to be reunited with people who are very dear to me,” he added quickly.

Therefore, the new cheerleaders of Pleased to meet you Under the tutelage of journalist Rodrigo Sepulveda, I started my way to the set of the program.

The salute to Doggenweiler continued in hallways, parking lots, etc. until we met actors Andrés Velasco and Luz Valdivieso, who will join us on the route through Mega.

The group goes through the series’ space, make-up, and set switches Paola and Miguelito, There they met Fernando Godoy and Dayanna Amigo, and after greeting her They also continue their journey until they find the morning set.

Karen Doggenweiler on the set of Mucho Gusto

Thus, Doggenweiler, accompanied by Robert Sar, Godoy, Amigo, Sepulveda, Velasco and Valdivieso, finally met José Antonioneme, who was with his dog Duke.

Cheerful greetings, journalists he decided to give his new partner a bouquet And between emotions, the group decided to sit down and share.

Therefore, each dedicates a special word to welcome the cheerleaders. “I feel so welcomed. Thank you, thank you for the same welcome,” she commented excitedly.

“Karen, why are you here?” Neme asked her.

“For this reason. For this reason.” , he replied in a broken voice. “I am so excited (…) If anyone can understand me, it is the children. They go through and understand the same thing. How hard it is to leave where you built your career.” commented.

“Finally the tenants of your house changed, The house is here today he added.

“Life is a bond and a result. I would like to live with this program.” he said a few minutes later.

“We want to bring joy to the company. I think we’re in a very complicated time I think next year will also be difficult. It’s going to take a lot of containment and a good hug of fellows,” he said.

Thus, after words from everyone present, Neme welcomed a special message to his new partner. He wanted to dedicate words about his arrival on the channel.

“That’s great Karen. After more than 30 years of ‘No Matter What Happens,’ you were ‘touching the stars’ on national television and saying ‘Good Morning Everyone.’ ‘, someone ‘opened their eyes’ and said ‘good weekend’, got off ‘Calle 7’ and went to Mega and ‘here we are’ from both stations.

“Today your colleague says ‘Mucho Gusto’ at your new house, we love you guided under “Balthazar’s Law” We wish you all the best in your success Tune in on Mega ‘Until Finding You’. See you at Telethon on November 4th and she’s on the 5th.”

Greetings followed with messages from Doggenweiler’s family and friends, and finally the show began.

Source: Biobiochile

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