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Karen Doggenweiler reveals the tough family scenario she faces: Her sister is hospitalized



Journalist Karen Doggenweiler couldn’t hold back tears as she watched her sister greet her when she arrived in Mega. So I never went back,” he said.

Journalist Karen Doggenweiler debuted as a new entertainer this Wednesday morning. Pleased to meet youbut still not Described a difficult family moment regarding his sister’s health.

At the beginning of the space, the animators received greetings and messages from friends and animators such as Don Francisco. In particular, there was a video that impressed journalists. Greetings from my sister Susana.

What caught our attention, however, was a recording my sister made from inside the clinic, implying that she was in the hospital.

“My dear sister, I congratulate you on this new project. I am so proud of you. You deserve the best, you deserve this team that loves you and cares for you You’re going to have an incredible time,’ the woman began, and Dogenweiler was immediately moved by it.

When the mood is right, let’s all go out and celebrate together. I love you, I adore you,” added Susana.

So after seeing the video apparently moved, Karen Doggenweiler said her sister He was hospitalized due to intestinal bleeding.

“We had to put her in the hospital in an emergency. They removed her colon. He was in ICU for many days. “He wakes up and is with us again and that makes us happy,” the communicator said.

“How loving it is to send this greeting. She’s a woman of thousands, super strong.” he explained that his sister’s hospitalization was not the only difficult moment they experienced.

“Her husband committed suicide. His life was very difficult. I am so proud of her and thank you for her words. ” she tearfully added.

Seconds later, José Antonio Neme remembered the actions he took when he found out they were going to spice up the morning together. I assure you that he offered to meet to talk about the project.

“Then you told me”My sister is very serious and I have to take care of my nephew This is my first mission since changing jobs.” There is one thing that must be done in the most difficult circumstances. We can turn it into something bright,” Neme commented.

it all came together, the truth Emotions, beauty of arrival, but my sister was sick. I came to pray she left and never came back had nothing to do with her,” he revealed, noting that his sister had managed to move on and recover.

Source: Biobiochile

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