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Juan Cristobal Meza responds to Nicole Bullock’s assault accusations with remorse about lying



Actress Nicole Bullock has accused her ex-husband, composer Juan Cristobal Mesa, of physically and emotionally assaulting her on Instagram.

Composer Juan Cristóbal Meza He seems to have responded to a domestic violence complaint from his ex-wife. Nicole Block through the definitive phrase on Instagram.

This Tuesday, the actress went public with a crude story on her social networks, accusing Meza of physically and psychologically abusing and even threatening her through social networks.

“It’s never the liar’s intentions that has anything to do with lying.” begins the phrase of the French philosopher Jack Derrida published by the son of Delfina Guzman.

“A lie is not against the truth, but rather sits in its purpose: in the vector that separates what someone says and what they think, in a discourse that refers to another person,” he said. continue.

“So what is decisive is the damage it does to the other, without which there is no lie,” concludes Reflection.

Juan Cristobal Mesa responds to Nicole Bullock's complaint

Nicole Bullock’s accusations against Juan Cristobal Meza

The interpreter shared the video on Tuesday, October 2019. She appears to be crying and whispers softly, “to remember what she did to you.”

With him, he uploaded a series of messages that Juan Cristobal Meza would have sent to both Nicole Bullock’s pet Instagram account and the actress’ WhatsApp.

“Unfortunately this has not changed. I have been silent for years… but no more”, He started writing and then gave a list of things his ex-partner would have done to him.

“Ex-Husband or Husband: Nothing compares to emotional violence like hitting me, kicking me in the back, slamming me against a wall, beheading me to keep me from leaving, threatening to kill me to keep me from leaving. I didn’t,” he said in a text.

“Golda is the kindest word you said to me two days ago.” I hit my heel,” he accused.

A Tale of Brock and Meza

Meza, who is 30 years older than Brock, married the actress in May 2018 after seeing her career take off.

After the marriage, the two decided to live in Los Angeles, USA, but in January 2020, the actress announced her breakup with the composer two days after finishing treatment for her eating disorder.

In July of that same year, the couple reconciled, spent quarantine together, and underwent couples therapy.

In October 2021, Nicole Bullock confirmed that she was in the process of divorcing Juan Cristobal Mesa and said that she was now living with her parents.

“The third time is a charm (…) I currently live with my parents on Isla de Maipo because I separated from my husband Juan Cristobal,” he explained.

Source: Biobiochile

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