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New album dedicated to Slipknot’s former number one



He participated in the creation of the group, which he took with other members from the misery of the cornfields of Iowa to the world map of heavy music

Although the circumstances of Joey Jordison’s departure from Slipknot severed ties between the drummer and the band, the band members want to bury the hatchet following the former number one’s death. The new album The End So Far was therefore dedicated to the late virtuoso.

For a long time he was known only as Well. 1 under the guise of one of the largest heavy metals groups in the world, Slipknot. The drummer of the legendary band died last July Joey Jordison (Nathan Jonas Jordison) is today considered one of the most influential drummers of the genre and a musical genius.

He participated in the creation of a band that he and other members took from the misery of the cornfields of Iowa to the world map of heavy music, and with some compositions the band even penetrated in mainstream. His musical genius was already felt by the band’s first fans, as he is primarily an introduction in song Eyeless with of the first album, a masterpiece on the drums.

An inimitable feeling to play in “metal orchestra”

He also deviated from the norm in terms of his drumming style, as he was not limited by genre either within or outside of it. He had an incredible sense of when to step in with his drumming in in the foreground and take the spotlight and sometimes play simpler rhythms (the song Liberate) that blend better with the rest of the eight musicians on stage, which included two percussionists in addition to Jordison. The technicality and precision of his playing can be imitated by few drummers, his ability is particularly evident in compositions Disaster piecewhere in ten seconds into the song he uses most of the heaviest drum parts.

Living with drugs and illness

Jordison left the group in 2013 on a fighting foot, at which time there were even rumors that the other members of the group had simply threw from the cast. Jordison confirmed the rumors and admitted he was furious: “No meeting with the group? With the directors? Just an email, in which said they don’t want me anymore, even though I’ve dedicated my life to the band.” Despite the feeling of betrayal, Jordison has repeatedly said that he would still work with the group. Slipknot are between 2014 and 2019 with a new drummer Jay Weinberg recorded two albums that were not – the exception is the track Custer from the album.5: The Grey Chapteras successful as its predecessors. During his fame, Jordison struggled with drugs, but he spoke openly about his addiction and it was due to the influence of his experiments also defeated the family with drugs. He was suffering from acute pain transverse myelitis, a neurological disease that took away his senses in both legs, but later recovered somewhat. Jordison died in 2021, aged 46.

Corey Taylor regrets split

In one of the interviews about the band’s latest album, The End So Far, the band’s singer Corey Taylor said that he wanted to reconcile with the drummer before his death. “We all hoped to iron out the dispute.He also said that the new album was dedicated to him.During the filming, we were surprised that Joey was no longer with us,” said Taylor, adding that he wants the former number one no would lose so quickly.

Source: Rtvslo

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