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‘I’m done’: Dennis Rosenthal tests ideas about leaving Chile amid partner’s infidelity rumors



Singer Dennis Rosenthal has assured that he has plans to travel around the world after returning to Chile. Her plans to leave her country emerged amid rumors on social networks about her husband’s alleged infidelity.

Chilean singer Dennis Rosenthal has created an impressive publication on social networks, providing a few previews of what her new album will look like, as well as her upcoming album. I commented like His intention to leave Chile and travel the world.

Rosenthal made the publication Tuesday night when he shared various videos in the studio recording the upcoming musical theme. He even appears to be singing some songs in it.

“On today, Chilean Music and Musicians Day and some really important news for me: Came from Miami with the best record of my life “I’ve met cool people and worked with incredible colleagues and people,” he began writing on his short list.

In the data below, Rosenthal Reminded me of attending Billboard Latin Music Week Mariah Angeliq, Tokisha, Emilia Mernes and Lili Zetina.

The event was described by the same singer-songwriter as follows: “The most important Latin music festival in the world”.

But the last point was the one that shocked his followers when he wrote “I ran out of chilito” which can be translated as “I’m tired of chilito.”

i am going to travel the world my people,” he continued, bidding farewell without mentioning his partner.

Camilo Zicabo’s infidelity rumors to Dennis Rosenthal

His message about leaving the country is in the midst of widespread controversy on social networks. Cheating rumors spread from her husband, singer Camilo Zicavo.

The former leader of Moral Disstrider, who left to start a new project apart from his younger brother Abel, unfaithful to former members deal.

“There is no way to forget the feeling I had when I saw Dennis Rosenthal singing Sonace de a dos with Camilo Zikabo at the 2019 Viña Festival. From that moment on, I always wanted to finish them.” the user “I only exist” wrote on the social network.

But that was not all.In response to other tweets, internet users Looking at intimate photos of the singer, the alleged infidelity would have happened years ago.

dicarb and rosenthal They got married in an intimate ceremony last March On that occasion, the singer shared a video of the event on Instagram, along with which he wrote:

until now, None of the artists refer to it.

Source: Biobiochile

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