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‘Most Influential Rock Band’: Viña 2023’s Mistake in Recognizing Camilo as a Guest Artist


At the moment, Chilean artists Paloma Mami and Polima West Coast have been confirmed for Festival de Vina 2023, while Camilo, Nikki Nicole, Alejandro Fernandez and Mana have already been announced internationally.

Wednesday morning this week Viña Festival 2023 has announced a batch of artists to perform in this version of the highly anticipated TV event has not been held since 2020. International artists such as Maná, Camilo and Nicki Nicole have been confirmed for this edition next summer.

Viña 2023 used social networks to report festival news and musicians attending the show. Those awaiting news noticed a strange error in one of the publications received several comments on Facebook.

that was exactly They used the wrong text when they confirmed singer ‘Camilo’ as a guest artist because it needs to correspond to the Maná group.

“In great classics such as you are my religion, scratch the sun world dangerous butterflyamong other things, are considered the world’s most influential rock band in Spanish,” said the publication, along with a photo of Camilo.

The answer to the Viña 2023 fallacy

Social network users didn’t take long to notice the slip , some were offended by the comparison between Mana and Camilo, while others defended the artist. “Those hits are from MANÁ! What a terrible mistake to assign them (even jokingly) to this character,” they commented.

Similarly At the time of announcing Mana they did it with the text corresponding to Camilo “Camilo is considered one of the biggest representatives of new pop of his generation, a trend currently with over 5 billion plays across all digital platforms worldwide,” they wrote. I’m here.

At the moment the festival Viña 2023 has confirmed Chilean artists Paloma Mami and Polima West Coast. While on the international stage, they have already announced Camilo, Nicky Nicole, Alejandro Fernandez and Mana.

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