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‘The time for truth has come’: Marlene de la Fuente reviews Iván Nunez’s partner and reveals old messages



The communicator was honest about his ‘Brad’ break with Iván Nunez and attacked his current partner, who has a son.

A series of posts on social network make Marlene de la Fuente To Ivan Nunez’s ex-wife, journalist’s current partner, Jordan of Thailand. The communicator spoke of the current complexes her children would have as a result of the break.

In this sense, de la Fuente answered an old Brazilian proverb about the crisis of his marriage to Núñez, whom he divorced more than three years ago.

“Silence is always your best friend in crisis, but when that crisis is distorted by the same causes and becomes psychologically damaging to children,Children… 3 years later I think it’s time to tell the truth at the request of my 4 children Countless problems have been experienced because of these publications created by this woman,” he pointed out.

Iván Núñez sayings for couples

Likewise, he released captures of old Jordao proverbs in the media and assured them they were false accusations.

“After three years of separation, and at the request of the petitioner (my four children, one of legal age and one of 17 years of age), I am requesting clarification of the statement which gave rise to it. I will present some documents to and continue. hurting children emotionally I have had to face cruel questions and comments because of the publications she has created,” he assured.

Marlene de la Fuente Sayings

“Today my children are the targets of this woman’s lies. She won’t stop talking. It’s unfortunate that my father allows me to make this kind of speculation. Speculation that attacks my children,” he added.

Finally, de la Fuente also indicated some economic problems that would have arisen after the break.

“It’s never a problem. But when the separation is revealed, the father appeals to the court, says he has no money and simply takes over the child’s rights, and the father stops paying,” he said.

Note that Iván Núñez and the Brazilian started a relationship shortly after his break with Marlene.

Source: Biobiochile

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