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Paul Vazquez, ‘El Flaco’ rejects abbreviated process, prepares trial: ‘I never threatened anyone’



Humorist Paul Vasquez has dismissed all the crimes he was accused of having to appear in court in preparation for an oral hearing in November of this year.

This Wednesday, humorist Paul Vazquez, better known as El Flaco, rejected the option of holding a short trial, An oral hearing was held as a result of an incident that occurred at Santiago Airport in the Pudahuel district in July of this year.

After that, the artist was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a PDI employee. Blackmailing a Latino worker after an argument.

The hearing, which lasted several minutes, asked Vazquez to admit the facts attributed to him. Can receive fewer sentences than usual However, the comedian has maintained his innocence, making way for the start of the next judicial process.

According to former lawyer dynamite showEduardo Arévalo to Meganoticias Paul Vasquez has not accepted any charges against him as he has not threatened anyone or hit anyone. .

Similarly, the comedian’s defense has assured that it was Vasquez himself who requested a breathalyzer test that was not performed when the altercation occurred at the airport.

Vasquez on the other hand I specifically went to do this test , in addition to a drug test that came back negative.The results were shared by the humorist himself on the program we can talk.

Paul Vasquez Road to Oral Trial

According to the comedian’s other attorney, Felipe Rojas, on Wednesday, “What was being asked was to offer Paul a reduced sentence in exchange for admitting the crime. is not convenient. Implying responsibility for the accusations that Paul denies. ”

It was Paul Vasquez himself who mentioned the matter.All facts investigated and I am not responsible With my lawyer we will continue to the final result. ”

I have to prove everything wrong that is attributed to me I have never threatened anyone except with a gun. I am not a violent man,” he declared.

Similarly, regarding the attack, the artist assured:I certify that I was harassed by them when they made me gesture that I was under the influence of cocaine.

Preparation for the oral exam begins November 30th next year. If found guilty at trial, Paul Vazquez risks a fine and 540 days in prison.

Source: Biobiochile

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