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‘Kidnap Notice’ Protagonist Discusses His Personality and Working with Film Director Andres Wood



“News of Kidnapping” is a mini-series detailing one of the most famous events in Colombian society. It’s about the harsh experiences a group of people lived after being kidnapped by drug traffickers in the early ’90s.To find out more about this production, BioBioChile asked the actress Claudia, one of the article’s protagonists. We spoke to Umanya.

Amazon Prime miniseries based on real events news of kidnapping It deals with one of the most famous kidnappings committed by Colombian drug traffickers, about which even writers Gabriel Garcia Marquez He was inspired to publish his eponymous novel detailing these events that took place in the early 90’s.

Adaptation directed by a famous Chilean filmmaker Andrew Wood through its six episodes, recounts the trials of a small group of people over seven months and the struggles of their loved ones to achieve freedom.

The story stars a Colombian actress Christina Umana played a journalist Marja Pachon , one of the prisoners in the series. In a conversation with BioBioChile, Umaña opened up about his character and detailed his experiences in his production.

Preparing characters for “News of Kidnapping”

“When I am on a project, the first thing I do is reread the book and look for all the historical documents and newspapers that talk about Marja. I started working with a voice and gesture coach because I have a signature gesture for ,” the Columbia star explained.

the main character of mini series He took the opportunity to speak with Marja Pachon herself and learn first-hand data that hadn’t surfaced anywhere related to her privacy.

However, one situation that caught Umanha’s attention and changed the course of his work was when rehearsals began prior to recording. “When he got to the set, Andrés told us, ‘Forget everything! No accents, no gestures,'” Cristina recalls with a laugh.

One of the big challenges of this series was letting go of my safe haven and letting Andrés Wood and Julio Jorquera take the lead. I’m glad I discovered how memories stay in my body. We were able to use that in a very natural and authentic way to maintain character throughout the shoot. I feel like it went really well,” the actress said.

Christina Umana
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Collaboration with Andres Wood and Julio Jorquera

Chilean filmmaker Andres Wood (Machuca, violet went to heaven world Spider) and Julio Jorquera (my last round world real time) complemented his work with Colombian director Rodrigo Garcia, son of writer Gabriel García Márquez.

Working with Julio and Andres has been one of the greatest gifts of my career. Both are excellent directors and are responsible for creating a trusting relationship that, with simple demands, allows the actors to immerse themselves in the vision they have in their heads,” identified the main characters of the series.

“For me it was a dream come true to work with Rodrigo Garcia, whom I really admire. It was wonderful to know him and interact with him because he is an incredible human being That’s why.”

A story that had a great impact on Colombian society, Cristina took this opportunity to emphasize that events were told through different visions.

“I’m glad foreigners have given their opinion on our situation, because bulls can sometimes see better on the sidelines. It hurts us, it’s a reality that faces us, we don’t know how to tell it, it’s hard for us ‘ claimed the actress.

“The look that Andres gave him was very special. The comments I heard were positive about the outcome of the series. , is that there are conversations and reflections about it,” he commented.

Favorite moment to shoot

It is a work full of tense scenes about what the harsh experience of the captives was like. Claudia Umanha has had complicated moments where she has had to put herself in the shoes of a kidnapped victim and strive to represent him faithfully, she confessed.

But there were also more creative scenes in which the magical realism of García Márquez’s writings played out.

“I really liked the dance scenes because they were moments of memory for her (Marja), and it could be a dream, it could be a memory. I thought it was a way I could express my love,” she recalls.

news of kidnapping
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“In the sequence in which they shoot Beatriz and Marina Montoya, where I am staying, you can see shades of what happened. I was. You only see moments in the series, but for me as an actress and as a person, it was a very deep exploration. ‘, said the Colombian artist.

But arguably one of the most complicated scenes in the project for Claudia was the release of the prisoners. “I was so scared of that scene. I said to myself, ‘God, what is this going to be?’ It was very difficult,” he admitted.

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