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Nicole Bullock responds to Juan Cristobal Mesa’s reaction, appreciates comment: ‘I’m not alone’



Nicole Bullock wanted to respond to the many comments she received after accusing her ex-partner of domestic violence. He also responded to Juan Cristobal Meza’s writing on his social networks.

After Chilean composer Juan Cristóbal Meza published on social networks Responding to an Ex-Wife’s Domestic Violence Complaint Interpreter Nicole Bullock is back to reference the subject on social networks.

Throughout her story, the actress shared a quote from Socrates on the truth. A direct response to French philosopher Jacques Derrida’s reflection on lies shared by Meza.

“Truth is equated with moral goodness, which means that Those who know the truth cannot help but do good. Knowledge and virtue go hand in hand, so whoever knows what is right will act right, and whoever does evil is ignorant,” Brock shared.

Reflecting on the truth after Nicole Bullock and her ex-husband's comments.
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This Wednesday morning, Juan Cristóbal Mesa accused his ex-partner of physically and psychologically abusing her and threatened her through social networks.

“What is the meaning of lies? That is never the intention of a liar. ” begins with the words of French philosopher Jacques Derrida, published by Delfina Guzman’s son.

“A lie is not against the truth, but rather sits in its purpose: in the vector that separates what someone says and what they think, in a discourse that refers to another person,” he said. continue.

“Thus, the decisive The harm it does to the other person, without which there is no lie. ” to close the reflection.

Nicole Bullock’s accusations against Juan Cristobal Mesa

On Tuesday afternoon, the Chilean actress made a powerful publication on Instagram. She accused her ex-husband of physical and psychological aggression.

“Ex-husband or ex-husband: hitting, kicking me in the back, whipping me against a wall, beheading me to keep me from leaving, threatening to kill me to keep me from leaving, Nothing compares to the mental violence we have had to endure to this day. ” revealed in his text.

“Golda is the kindest word you said to me two days ago.” I hit my heel,” he accused.

Since its publication, Block has received the support of various figures, including influencers Titi Aguayo, Flaviana Ceiling, and Antonella Rios.

Likewise, she thanked comments on her story, saying, “I’m mentally exhausted,” Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the thousands of messages I have received: supporting and validating me.

“I can’t imagine how important it is for me to feel your support. i feel like i’m not the only one hills.

Nicole Bullock appreciates the comments on her story.
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Source: Biobiochile

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