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“Compañera?”: Roberto Cox questioned Irina Calamanos’ terminology, Carina Alvarez countered him



The look of President Boric’s girlfriend during the interview caused a minor controversy in the morning edition of the Chilevisión Noticias.

In this morning’s paper chilivision news, driver Carina Alvarez and Roberto Cox last Tuesday, Irina Karamanos He told the station’s central news program that the foundation would be transferred to various ministries after his announcement. In this sense, the journalist remained a term used by anthropologists.

Karamanos’ remarks related to his future in relation to President Gabriel Boric. I will go out in public,” he said.

In view of this, Cox argued that: “Companella,” he says. He doesn’t say “girlfriend” or “partner”. “I will continue to be the president’s partner,” he said.

For her part, Carina Alvarez disputed this point. Is it his fault?

“I think you’re saying ‘I’m a girlfriend, I’m a couple’ here. It has a more political flavor to it. Robert Cox, still skeptical, answered.

Comments from Robert Cox

Foundation under the jurisdiction of Karamanos, Integra, Prodemu and Crafts of Chile, Transferred to various ministries.

“The valuable work done by the first women produced a project with a very important public and social role. and link closely with sectoral ministries,” the socio-cultural coordinator said yesterday.

Members of Social Convergence added that this “transition stage means devotion, intimacy, accompaniment, and being with the foundation, workers, who are primarily tasked with their dependencies,” adding: I do not occupy the palace,” he added.

Source: Biobiochile

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