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‘Dahmer’ Becomes One of Netflix’s Biggest Hits in Less Than Two Weeks


“Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has been on Billboard for just 13 days and has already racked up over 496.05 million hours on streaming platforms.

“Dahmer – Monsters: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” new series netflix Based on the macabre murders of the “Milwaukee Cannibals,” it continues to break records on streaming platforms.

According to data from specialized portals deadlineled production Ryan Murphy Days after becoming the premiere of the company’s premier new series, it was watched 299.84 million hours in its second week in theaters alone.

Now he 2nd Most Watched English Language on Netflix in a Week , just behind “Stranger Things 4”. In total he has accumulated 496.05 million hours, which stands out as his one of the most successful titles of the 2023 season.

As Deadline points out, Stranger Things’ fourth season kicked off with 301 million hours watched, before adding 335 million hours in its second stretch of episodes. A Promising Background for Murphy’s Computation.

until now, “Dahmer” stands out as the 9th most popular series on Netflix, with just 13 days in theaters. (It also surpassed the second season of “Bridgerton,” which reached 252 million hours watched.)

According to calculations by American publications, it is estimated that the story of the main character can be completed in 28 days. Evan Peters Installed in at least five of the most watched series in the platform’s history.

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