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Sonja Prosenc takes a comedic tone in her third feature


Sonja Prosenc is shooting a new feature film Salvation

The first part of Sonja Prosenc’s new feature film has fallen. The black comedy drama Odrešitev opens up the question of the “perfect family”, and the actors from this year’s Trigrad series, Katarina Stegnar and Marko Mandić, return in the main roles.

Salvation is the third feature film of the director and screenwriter, who has so far made feature-length, multi-award-winning dramas A tree and A history of love.

The dark comedy drama Salvation follows a seemingly perfect family, which includes husband and wife Olivia and Aleksander and their daughter Agatha. With the arrival of 25-year-old Julian, their lives turn upside down and reveal the dysfunctionality of their mutual relationships. Salvation through humor explores the topic of emotionally drained elites and places it in the context of contemporary social issues, the Slovenian Film Center wrote in the synopsis.

Constructs in the castThey play the main roles in the film Katarina Stegnar, Marko Mandic, Mila Bezjak and a French actor Aliocha Schneiderand they also appear in prominent roles Kristoffer Jonerwhich is in The history of love played the leading male role, Judita Franković Brdar, Jure Henigman, Ana Djurić – Construction and Matija Vastl.

He is the director of photography Mitja Ličen, editor Ivana Fumić, set designer Tajana Čanić Stanković, costume designers Gilda Venturini and Dubravka Skvrca, mask designers Tina Šubic and Lija Ivančič. Team members and players come from Slovenia, Croatia, France, Italy, Norway and Serbia.

All of Sonja Prosenc's projects are created in collaboration with director of photography Mitja Ličen.  Photo: David Haskaj

Italy, Norway, Serbia and Croatia also supported the projectThe producer of the film is the production company Zavod Mono o, for which Rok Sečen. The co-producers of the film are Incipit Film from Italy, Incitus film from Norway, Wolfgang&Dolly from Croatia and Living Pictures from Serbia. The film was developed with the support of Creative Europe’s Media sub-programme, the Norwegian regional funds Rogaland Filmkraft and Mediefondet Zefyr, and SFC. Sonja Prosenc developed the script at the Eurimages Pop Up Film Residency in Paris.

Along with the SFC, the production of the film was generously supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Friuli-Julian Film Commission (FJK). The other co-financiers are the Croatian Audiovisual Center, the Film Center of Serbia, the FJK Audio-Visual Fund and TV Slovenia. The film was also supported by ARRI.

Upgrade ParadiseSonja Prosenc is in addition to feature films A tree from 2014 and A history of love from 2018, who were chosen as the Slovenian candidates for the nomination for the foreign language Oscar and who also received several international awards, together with their regular collaborator, director of photography Lično, also shot a short feature film Paradise. Judita Frankovič Brdar and Matej Puc performed in it. In 2019, the film won the Vesna for the best short film; in choosing a comic tone and theme of family life, it was a kind of “rehearsal” for Redemption.

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