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Santiago Pavlovich on how he lost his eye: ‘I lost to my brother’



Journalist Santiago Pavlovich, referring to multiple rumors about how he lost his eye, assured that the idea that everything happened in the war was something hoaxed.

Journalist Santiago Pavlovich commented on the show Goodnight everyone he lost his left eye which is why he uses the signature patch on his face.

The communicator was talking with colleague Eduardo Fuentes about various aspects of his professional and intimate life. Near the end of the chapter, Fuentes wanted to give Pavlovich a special memory.

Thus, the communicator who opened the package couldn’t hide his excitement. A framed photo of his childhood. In it, he appears as a child embracing his mother.

“This is the only photo I took with my mother when I was a child. At that time, I had two eyes. I started counting while looking at the memory.

At that time, without receiving any consultation, “Several months after that photo, I lost my left eye. ”

Pavlovich couldn’t help but laugh a little at how this chapter happened. “It was a battle I lost, a war. The story of losing to my brother commented with a smile.

“To my uncle, to my father’s comrade, He came up with giving us bows and arrows. ” , he recalled. “But these were bows and arrows that were buried. They had half-metal tips.” explained.

Yes, during a friendly match with my brother,got an arrow in the left eye.

Similarly, Santiago Pavlovich couldn’t help but laugh when he recalled other popular versions of how he lost his eye. Said to have been lost in the war or report a dispute, ”he recalled with a smile.

“But no, I was a little older than this picture when I was a kid.”

A photo of a young Santiago Pavlovich hugging his mother.
Capture TVN

Santiago Pavlovich and his experiences in covering the war

Similarly, Fuentes recalled a 2014 video of Pavlovich going to Ukraine to see the beginning of the armed conflict with Russia.

Therefore, the Ukrainian army pursued his team and decided to open fire continuously. For example, Pavlovich was kicked by uniformed men and had to watch the cameraman being taken away, not knowing what would happen to him.

Although the event did not end in defeat, Pavlovich recalled the tension that existed where Fuentes wanted to know. What did his family think of his high-risk job?

I think it’s a little imprudent but what I was most worried about was not dying,” the communicator admitted. he added.

Likewise, the journalist said his family “He knows anything can happen if you get involved in this conflict.”

Source: Biobiochile

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