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‘I never abused’: Juan Cristobal Mesa denies Nicole Bullock’s accusations of violence



Juan Cristóbal Meza has returned to social networks to mention the event triggered this week after his ex-partner accused him of domestic violence.

Music composer Juan Cristobal Meza through social networks He directly denied his ex-partner’s accusations actress Nicole Bullock, who claims to have been a victim of domestic violence during the relationship.

Meza uploaded an Instagram story containing a short message after the constant press coverage. “For the serious charges I have made, I must clarify: I have never physically or emotionally abused a woman. ” he began to say.

Similarly, composers now say “I am not in a moral, ethical, or emotional state to explain Nicole’s actions It would have to be done by the same people who use it to sell headlines and junk press. ”

This Tuesday, a Chilean interpreter posted on social networks during his marriage to Meza, I was a victim of mental and physical violence.

“Ex-husband or ex-husband: hitting, kicking me in the back, whipping me against a wall, beheading me to keep me from leaving, threatening to kill me to keep me from leaving, Nothing compares to the mental violence we have had to endure to this day. ” is guaranteed in writing of its issuance.

In it, the actress also commented: “Golda is the kindest word you said to me two days ago.” “I suffer from an eating disorder and, as you know, I almost died from this cause. You hit my Achilles tendon,” he accused.

The Story of Nicole Bullock and Juan Cristobal Meza

Meza, who is 30 years older than Brock, married the actress in May 2018. She saw how her career took off.

After marriage, I decided to live in Los Angeles, USA, but in January 2020, I became an actress. Announced separation from composer two days after she finished treatment for her eating disorder.

July of the same year, The couple reconciled and spent quarantine together I do couples therapy.

October 2021, Nicole Bullock confirms Juan Cristóbal Mesa and divorce proceedings And he said he came to live with his parents.

the third charm (…) I am currently separated from my husband, Juan Cristobal, so I live with my parents on Isla de Maipo, ”he explained.

Source: Biobiochile

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