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‘Interesting way home’: Carabineros inspect Slash’s car and his partner after show in Chile



Guitarists Slash and Megan Hodges had a special moment Thursday night as part of their concert at the National Stadium. Not only was the influencer stopped by her Carabineros, but she also shared other episodes that caught her attention.

Saul Hudson’s partner, Megan Hodges, better known as Slash, shared on social networks how she was back at her hotel after a Guns N’ Roses concert at National Stadium. Stopped by Carabineros staff.

The influencer shared a series of recordings of her evening. Two carabiners standing in front of the car.

A) yes The man will immediately hand over the documents for periodic checks. “They stopped us after the show here in Chile,” Hodges said, allowing everyone in the car to rest, jam, and How long it will take for them to come back.

But that wasn’t the only thing Hodges shared that he missed.She still uploaded a short video on the way so you can watch it from there A group of workers repainting street signs.

Also, one night, I wanted to ride the hotel elevator, The alarm started ringing non-stop Some people got out of the car to avoid the extra weight, but the sound did not stop, leaving everyone unsure of what to do.

“all right, It was a very interesting way home.” the woman wrote with various laughing emojis.

his publications were received with humor by his followers in the same tone They advised him to take the subway next time. as others wrote “Welcome to South America”.

His reaction to slash and the Chilean public

Similarly, The guitarist also left a small log on his social networks about his time spent at the National Stadium. But instead of highlighting the details of her return to the hotel, just tweeting about her experience on stage was enough.

Deadly masses of Santiago de Chile Thank you for this wonderful moment!” Slash wrote a brief episode with Carabineros in oblivion after playing classical music on stage for about three hours.

Source: Biobiochile

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