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Roberto Dueñas against Viña 2023 and Polima: “Upload the video ‘cogotiando’ and get your VIP ticket”


Radio announcers went all-out attacking the selection of artists for the 2023 Viña Festival, but it was trap singer Polima West Coast who had the hardest time.

radio announcer, Robert Duenas launched a harsh criticism of the artist’s choice of Vineyard Festival 2023 while his most aggressive darts were accepted by the Chilean trap singer Poryma West Coast .

Marlén Olivari’s former manager directed his radio show. “Afternoon Owners” This will be broadcast live through Facebook when commenting on the selection of artists for the Festival Grill in the middle of the space.

Vigna Urban Music 2023

“I didn’t buy the ticket because I wouldn’t give permission,” Dueñas began telling members of the team behind the scenes. “You get another calculation of Gil (sic) where they operate it for free, go inside and cut everything down” confirmed the announcer among the laughter.

But his words didn’t stop there. Both Roberto Dueñas and the program’s other hosts then teased the dominance of urban music singers at the festival.

“Gina Festival, they put some on it” asserted his colleague, Dueñas said he simulated a radio commercial: “Upload a video ‘cogotiando’ (sic) and get a VIP ticket” . “As long as you have bi-weekly signatures.” Added his partner.

Criticism of Polyma West Coast

But the hardest hit was super solo. “Will the environment be pitquito (sic)? Polymer. Daddy Yankee’s opening act, and that tells the whole story.” .

To this he added: Pretaziados (sic). I don’t know who he is,” he said, hearing the staff ask him to listen to the artist’s song before criticizing him.

not interested in listening to polymer we are talking about the Biña Festival. Singers like Tom Jones used to come to festivals, but now who’s coming? Roberto Dueñas closed.

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