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‘I never collected evidence’: Nicole Bullock reacts to Juan Cristobal Meza’s version after accusation



Actress Nicole Bullock has reaffirmed her accusations on social networks after denying the composer and pianist attacked her.

The correspondence between actress Nicole Bullock and her ex-partner Juan Cristobal Mesa continues after an interpreter accused the composer of domestic violence on social networks.

Meza defended himself this Thursday, deny having carried out any kind of attack In just a few hours, the actress responded through her story.

Therefore, he wrote the message that Meza allegedly sent him in 2019. Sometimes I was violent like you and I regret it a thousand times I apologize again and again. “

“Unfortunately, I never collected any evidence or evidence, my mistake.” Block commented on his story.

“I thought you deserved more and would take on what you did, What can you expect from a man who beats his wife? What would forge a signature? Or what would he do or undo with his mother’s money? truck driver.

This Tuesday morning, the composer and pianist He used social networks to deny the accusations of violence against Brock.

“For the serious charges I have made, I must clarify: I have never physically or emotionally abused a woman. ” he began to say.

Similarly, composers now “I am in no moral, ethical, or emotional state to explain Nicole’s actions.”

Since this week, the actress has taken to social networks to accuse her of being the victim of psychological and physical violence.

Through extensive texts, Bullock claimed he was subjected to a series of restrictions, including beatings from his then-partner, suicide threats, changing clothes, using red lipstick, and breaking up with friends.

You disabled me as a professional, as a woman, as a human being. You abused me in every possible way. Again, like the letter I wrote to you on December 17, 2019, the day I ran away, like all those letters, you are an abuser,” he wrote.

Source: Biobiochile

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