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‘I lost a lot of weight and a lot of hair’: Leonor Varela remembers how he lived on recordings that COVID lied to me


Actresses Leonor Varela and Benjamín Vicuña commented on BioBioChile about their experiences and challenges in making the Chilean-Argentine film Lie to me. As such, Valera couldn’t help but recall the impact coronavirus has had on him.

In 2021, actors Benjamin Vicuna and Leonor Varela chose a project to step out of their comfort zone with a comedy film that mixes thriller and suspense at the same time.This is how movies were born lie to me that Not exempt from the dreaded coronavirus.

Directed by Sebastian Scindel and created by her Chilean actress husband Lucas Akoskin, the Prime Video film focuses on Barbara (Florencia Peña), a woman who comes face to face with a sudden heartbreak. . It makes him question his decisions in relationships.

This is how she decides to enlist the help of her friend Eva (Leonor Varela) and husband Mathias (Lucas Akoskin) to introduce her to the man of her dreams. This is how the couple in crisis decided to take the girl with Julian (Benjamin Vicuña) someone who claims to be a prominent economist .

However, as the story progresses, Eva begins to doubt the true meaning of Julian’s words. She decides to find out who the man who fell in love with her friend is.

Benjamín Vicuña and Leonor Varela’s difficulties recording ‘Lie to me’

in a conversation with BioBio Chile Barrera and Vicuña remember recording in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and agree to the project’s demands, even though physical scenes were not prevalent throughout the film.

We fight heat and COVID But we made a film that had everything: exteriors, action sequences, cars, tennis, dance,” Vicuna stresses.

Likewise, it is inevitable to recall the dance scene, one of the most difficult moments to perform. And that is, beyond the composed choreography, the temperature made everything more difficult.

“The first week in January we had a heat wave. I remember it was 12:00 pm. It was terrible,” he affirms.

Barrera, on the other hand, highlights health problems he had while recording , after he contracted coronavirus. According to the actress, during her five days off, her husband and daughter were also infected.

I think that was the most stressful: I lost weight and lost a lot of hair. The virus hit me hard and I was so tired by the end of the shoot. These things happen and these machines are like that. rice field.

Delving into that experience, Valera highlighted his exhaustion during that period.I think I had sickly looking skinnies but I didn’t let him see it on camera,” she proudly comments.

It costs a lot to produce so we try to offer the best possible I had to go back and I had to go back. I can’t help but be in the mood,” he admits.

In any case, Vicuña emphasized her friend’s complexity, stating, “It was still complicated. All three got sick because Leo wasn’t home “She had to look after her daughter with a 40-degree fever,” she says.

“At that time, I couldn’t sleep because I was taking care of the moon.” , then confessed the actress. She said, “I went back to work and I was very tired. I think those are the demands of what we do. It’s not always easy, but it’s a lesson. And I still had a good time. ” he adds with a smile.

Similarly, of the moments the actor had during the film’s release, Vicuna stressed that it was “a beautiful process” to be able to pursue the project with loved ones.

“I’ve had some incredible luck. I’ve done a lot of projects with friends and a lot of personal projects with people I love very much. That’s a good thing. I’ve had a lot of arguments, a lot of conversations, but it goes through the screen.” he says excitedly.

What is the movie “Liar”?

Vicuña affirms that the film “deals with the problem of lies”. How We Built White Lying And how does what you can omit affect? “

“In this case, my character is a guy who falls for these clumsy lies and tries to find love. I was able to make a comedy with a thriller structure It’s been revealed and we know some of the history of these characters,” he adds.

Likewise, Varela emphasizes the comedy contained in the Friends project, completely removing it from the style of movies he usually makes. “Part of growth is looking for new things, I wanted to do it, I wanted to do it.” refers to this media.

“Comedy doesn’t come naturally to me, I prefer drama and action. , The human part that allows everyone to lie a little What we don’t want to show are human traits like vulnerability,” he recalls.

tape lie Now available on Prime Video Streaming platform.

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