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Deputy Cordero responds to Guarello after criticism of on-screen diagnosis: “Am I wrong?”


Deputy Maria Luisa Cordero was one of the guests of the stellar “Podemos Hubler” of Chirivición. There, she was given time to respond to statements made by Juan Cristobal Guarello who criticized her for her public diagnosis.

Francisca Merino, Kurt Carrera, Maria Jose Bello, Claudio Moreno and lieutenant Mary Louise Cordero will make a guest appearance in the new chapter.we can talk” the star of Fridays in Chirivicion.

“If I’m in Valparaíso, the center of parasitology in Chile, I come to the sour, foot meter, parasitic well” ‘ said the member of parliament at the entrance when they met again. Jean Philip Cretton according to the prepayment he accessed BioBio Chile .

“At one point he called his colleague a parasite, and today he belongs to it… what happened?” asked the animator. “It’s because of the early dementia I have, the aging of my brain,” he replied sarcastically. “No…that’s what I thought, and now I’m pretty sure it’s true.” he added.

He then continued to reflect on his first few months in Congress. When I see what people are earning, when I see my colleagues get together and rearrange their 8,000 pesos salary, I’m embarrassed,” he said.

During his appearance on the show, he also took time to answer the journalists’ words. Juan Cristobal Galero At the same star, he questioned her about making a medical diagnosis publicly.

“They told me, ’cause the copcha will come to you…I’m very proud to be the daughter of poor Spanish immigrants. We’ve never had a home of our own.” There is none… I think he’s smart, but he could have said I’m intolerant or something else, but he’s not a careerist. Said.

“Was there a conflict? What happened between you? You said you didn’t want to diagnose it on air…” commented the animator. “Medicine has semiology, the art of seeing and diagnosing… I saved Julio Cesar Rodriguez journalist Chelipe from death.” he said.

“He called me on Monday, September 11, 2017 at 8:00 pm. He said he couldn’t breathe, his heart was pounding badly, and water was dripping down his back… His pleura had ruptured. If it’s a pneumothorax, go to the doctor’s office if it’s not dead by 11pm.
that? ‘ he replied.

Source: Biobiochile



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