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‘First time ever kidnapped’: Fernando Larrain reveals motorcycle accident



Actor Fernando Larrain has caused concern on social networks after commenting that he had a motorcycle accident inside an ambulance.

Actor Fernando Larrain later worried his followers On his Instagram story, he shared that he was in a motorcycle accident.

Specifically, the interpreter uploaded a short video When transported by ambulance There, he appears conscious, but his tone of voice indicates that he is a little nervous about the situation.

“I was here. It seems to be the first time that I happened to get on a motorcycle.” he began to say in the video, also showing the company of medical personnel on board.

“I don’t know what I’m doing right now, but hello fans. It’s hard to talk about what’s happening to me. ” will be added after a while.

However, when he was ready to mention what specifically happened to him, Larrain was distracted by the movement of the car. “Is it normal to move like this?” he asked the doctor laughing at the question.

“Yes, the streets aren’t very good. It’s suspension,” one of them explained, and the actor decided to joke about it to make his situation a little less serious.

Until now, the current status of Fernando Larrain is unknown. Because after his registration he did not appear on social networks again and there was no new news about how the motorcycle accident happened.


emergency call baby

♬ original sound – Fernando Larrain

Larrain is now preparing for the premiere father to the rescueRodrigo Muñoz, Jorge Zabaleta and Benjamín Vicuña.

The movie is about a few days before marrying her boyfriend, she finds out that her little daughter, whom she barely knew when she was born, is in Argentina, and that if she doesn’t want to hand over custody, she has to pick her up. Focus on men. His trans-Andean adoption of the system.

So far, the film’s release date is unknown, but the first images from the film were released in June of this year.

Source: Biobiochile

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