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The trial against Kevin Spacey has begun in New York



The process should take less than two weeks

A trial has begun in New York against Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, whom Anthony Rapp accuses of sexually assaulting him in 1986, when he was still a minor.


Rapp, now 50, star of the series Star Trek, it is filed a civil suit against Spacey in September 2020 for solicitation and alleged sexual assault at a party in Manhattan in 1986 when it is Rapp was 14, and Spacey it is was in his late 20s. He is demanding $40 million in damages from the famous actor.

Today, 50-year-old Anthony Rapp accuses Spacey of sexually assaulting him in 1986, when he was still a minor.  Photo: EPA

63-year-old Spacey, one of the first stars to it is found himself at the center of the international movement against sexual harassment and abuse #MeToo, it is he arrived in federal court in Manhattan smiling, wearing a blue suit, white shirt and light blue tie. He sat down it is only a few feet away from his suitor.

Rapp’s lawyer Peter Saghir it is in court, among other things, he emphasized that it is Spacey committed “unacceptable” acts against teenager Rapp “intentionally to satisfy the urge of his sexual desires”. Alleged assault on Rapp “should never have happened”, it is continued Saghir. “Was it is 14 years old,” it is further said and characterized Spacey’s behavior as “wrong and frankly unacceptable”.

Spacey’s lawyer: The attack never happenedSpacey’s lawyer, Jennifer Keller it is tried to tell the jury that such an attack “never happened at all”. In addressing the jury it is among other things, she said yes it is Rapp decades later after meeting in Spacey’s apartment “repeated the same false story several times, a it is he never repeated to the police” and that Rapp is said to repeat the story in order to attract “attention, compassion”, because, according to Spacey’s lawyer, he never managed to become an international star. Before the trial it is the lawyer also announced that Spacey will attend the trial, which should last less than two weeks.

Like it is can be inferred from court documents, Rapp alleges in his indictment that Mr it is Spacey picked up and groped his bottom at a party in 1986 and then laid back on the bed and “for a short time placed his clothed body partly beside and partly across” 14-year-old.

Rapp yourself it is 35 years after the incident, during his testimony, he agreed that during the incident, which lasted no more than two minutes, there was no “no kissing, no undressing, no touching and no sexually suggestive statements”. In 2020 it is judge dismissed criminal charges of sexual assault against Spacey because it is decided to it is was filed too late and is not covered by the New York State Child Protection Act of 2019. Rapp it is then filed a civil suit against Spacey.

Spacey you are it is the path between to accusations of prominent film actors paved with films such as Five suspects and American beautyse it is also pleaded not guilty to charges of sexually assaulting three men between March 2005 and April 2013 in Britain. In 2019, however, charges against the actor for indecent assault and sexual assault were dropped in Massachusetts.

According to his lawyer, Spacey will attend the trial.  Photo: EPA

Spacey, whose full name it is Kevin Spacey Fowler, se it is withdrawn from public view when it is came to the fore at the very beginning of the movement #MeToo.

The trial against Weinstein is about to beginThe #MeToo movement is it is appeared in October 2017 when it is more than 80 women in the film industry accused the previously untouchable producer Harvey Weinstein. On Monday, the trial against Weinstein will begin with the selection of a jury in Los Angeles.

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