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‘It has nothing to do with malice’: Marlene de la Fuente reacts to Ivan Nunez’s words about separation



The journalist referred to statements made by Iván Núñez on social networks. Marlene de la Fuente again accused the communicator of not paying his children’s tuition.

Journalist Marlene de la Fuente wanted to mention something published by Ivan Núñez last Thursday on Instagram. The communicator assured him that all of his ex-partner’s accusations were false.

Nunez later denied that his children’s tuition payments were being withheld. We have complied with the amount of alimony, which is a fact denied by experts.

“Having been silent for the past three years has been the wisest thing to do. Irrespective of the lies published by the journalist’s partner and father forgiving these contradictions.” the communicator began writing on her story.

“But when that silence continues to have painful consequences for my children, i have to tell the truth despite the discomfort it causes me,” he said.

Similarly, de la Fuente noted his actions:It has nothing to do with malice and it’s not about men fighting I hold my father accountable. Do not allow situations that harm your child.

The accusation of Marlene de la Fuente

The journalist then shared a screenshot from Núñez’s publication, noting that it “doesn’t say anything new.”We answer everything that is published. ”

“My children’s fathers know that I am calm and want to keep quiet, but when they touch my children, I no longer stop. The house is in your name (I paid my foot) and is yours despite the fact that your children live in it Since you told me to vacate it, I had to run it down and put it as “family property”. began pointing to social networks.

The property must have been flooded three times, according to de la Fuente, and asked Nuñez for financial help to repair the minor’s home, but received no answer.

Similarly, experts say that Nunez “don’t cancel your child’s education The court said the children should be left unprotected not because the separation ended but because they were the breadwinners of the family for years. ”

According to a former partner, the TVN reporter “filed countless non-payment claims. His request was denied until I continued to file non-payment claims.”

Until he stopped paying.And why don’t they ask for it in writing… he forgot his education “Because this guy knows nothing about children’s issues,” he added, sharing an email with the institution’s staff.

In these, officials mention and highlight debts owed on the premises.

Marlene's story from the source and the passages illustrated in the text.
instagram capture

“Lies without evidence are repeated”

Similarly, Marlene de la Fuente also referred to the words of Iván Núñez, saying that her current partner “worked every day (one works, one has to is not enough),” he asserted.

“I don’t say it, but we’re the best team with four kids and we’re running events until four in the morning. How do you think my children have been robbed of everything since the separation? De la Fuente replied.

Now you know where the public and public insults on social networks come from. Worry about your life and don’t talk about your family. Because unproven lies are replicated and reach children in harmful ways,” he said.

“Daily in our publications ‘I’m going to work. I’ll show you what I’m doing’, ‘I’ve already left home and I’m going to work now’, ‘I’m driving You don’t have to say, “I’m here for work.” Because I love it and I contribute to it,” he added in the same story.

To conclude her message, journalists called for not opening “doors to new topics.” To keep the lies out, I will answer and show you all. ”

The story of Marlene de la Fuente.
instagram capture

Ivan Nunez’s words after Marlene de la Fuente’s accusation

In a wide-ranging post on Instagram, Nuñez asserted that all the accusations against him were false, pointing out: Currently, I am responsible for the expenses such as the child care facility and school fees.

After losing her job, she said, “I was a promissory note signer that year, so I continued to pay my tuition until my credit card was full. I continue to pay that debt and it is on record until July 2023. ”

Finally, he also noted that his relationship with the journalist ended three years ago, Leave your current partner and children alone.

“I am responsible for my mistakes, and they are mine alone. Leave my partner and my kids alone. Let me just say that infidelity isn’t the only or worst way to ruin a relationship,” he said.

“In countries where 87% of food pensions are not paid, Lying about a liar is serious. ” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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