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‘She got her revenge’: Montserrat Alvarez remembers when Rudolfi fired her because of her partner



A cheerleader with you in the morning was surprised by an anecdote that directly connects the actor with her.

Montserrat Alvarez Unknown anecdotes revealed in the morning with you in the morning connect her directly with the actor Alvaro Rudolfi Not in the TV world.

The conversation on the morning show took place after commenting on what happened to actor Fernando Larrain who had an accident. I remembered when

What’s interesting about the case, he said, was that the place was managed by Rudolphy only on weekends when there was a journalist’s shift.

“Alvaro Rudolfi was the only one who was thrown off the stick. I have never forgiven him. I told him a few times, but he doesn’t remember,” he said.

“He was the Sunday caretaker and we arrived at 12. I arrived at the restaurant and my boyfriend arrived because we had a fight, we made up and we kissed outside.” he added.

“He fired me that day and said, ‘Monse, today is your last job. When I asked him why, he didn’t tell me much, but I think it was my boyfriend’s fault. It must have been ’88.” I commented.

But a few minutes later, the journalist joked in a different situation. It involved her sister at the time and the actor.

“Rudolfi used to hang out with his sister, but she didn’t catch him. And he took his revenge on me,” he said between laughter, clearly ending the topic.

Note that the artist stepped away from the TV series several years ago.His last TV appearance was on the show challenger, where they were judged.

Source: Biobiochile

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