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Spiniak case-inspired film ‘Blanquita’ will represent Chile at the Academy Awards



The Chilean film Branquita, which will represent the country at the 2023 Oscars, is inspired by a young key witness in the Spiniac case.

This Friday, the Chilean Film Academy announced the films that represent the country at the Academy Awards for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.so tape white woman It will be the film suggested for Oscar submissions.

Films directed by Fernando Guzzoni Awarded at the Venice International Film Festival And we aim to compete in the Best Foreign Film category.

During its premiere in Venice, the film was applauded by critics, even applauding for less than five minutes at its main venue, Palazzo del Cinema, in Lido, Venice.

What is Branquita, the movie representing Chile at the Oscars?

white woman Inspired by the controversial Spiniak scandal announced place A pedophilia network that began with the arrest of businessman Claudio Spiniak.

So, Networks of child prostitution, rape and porn production revealed Revealed in 2003.

The film focuses on Branquita, an 18-year-old teenager who lives in a foster home. Being a key witness to a scandal involving children, politicians and prominent businessmen Attending sex parties.

But the more questions you ask, Blanca’s role in the scandal becomes increasingly confusing.

Disclaimer theme

I am extremely honored to have Branquita represent Chile at the Oscars and thank all my colleagues at the Film Academy for their support. “Because the film presents urgent themes about impunity and structural injustice in the key of a thriller, it combines a narrative with an audience’s mission and a high social sensitivity,” Guzzoni said in a statement.

“We owe it to the reception this film received in Venice, the best screenplay award, the excellent reception from critics and the support of our international partners and distributors. They make Branquita’s message visible and allow us to run a campaign to try and position the film in the best possible way.” he added.

movie star Laura Lopez, Alejandro Goic, Amparo Noguera, Marcelo Alonso, Daniela Ramirez produced, among others, under the direction of Fernando Guzzoni and Giancarlo Nasi.

“It is a great honor that the Chilean Film Academy has democratically elected us to represent Chile in the Oscar race. Our film follows a marginalized young woman who braves powerful corruption. social injustice, a relevant issue around the world today,” says producer Giancarlo Nasi.

“We believe that the US Academy We appreciate Branquita’s strength and courage to achieve a place in the best foreign film category. ” addition.

Source: Biobiochile

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