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Dennis Rosenthal’s video reveals she’s still with Camilo Zicabo despite infidelity rumors



Singers Dennis Rosenthal and Camilo Zicabo are together in the South after the artist returned to the country after spending time in Miami recording a new album.

This week, singers Camilo Zikabo and Dennis Rosenthal’s social network will appear in a series of rumors on social networks. Various users have confirmed that Jikabo has been unfaithful to his wife.

So far, no artist has addressed these speculations, but the couple continue together after singer-songwriter’s Instagram story, singer I was with an artist in the south of the country.

Rosenthal shared a series of notes about a trip she took to her grandmother’s house. In this way, between photographs, He shared a video of a little rabbit in his arms.

According to the Chilean singer, one of the facility’s dogs arrived with a creature in its mouth, and she tried to help him. “Poorly, it’s very difficult for him to survive.” he lamented as he showed the animals covered in cloth.

But after a while I saw what Rosenthal and another person looked like They approach the burrow and try to take the rabbit to the place. After a while the animal gets up and leaves.

“He walked!” cries his companion. Who turns out to be the former leader of Morale Disstrida “He went in by himself. Did you see him?” asked the musician again, to which Rosenthal answered in the affirmative and cut the video.

“It was a happy ending” the singer wrote on the record.

dicarb and rosenthal They got married in an intimate ceremony last March On that occasion, the singer shared a video of the event on Instagram, along with which he wrote:

More recently, however, social networks began spreading rumors of a string of infidelities on Zicavo’s part when a Twitter user claimed Zicavo had been unfaithful to a former member. deal.

“There is no way to forget the feeling I had when I saw Dennis Rosenthal singing Sonace de a dos with Camilo Zikabo at the 2019 Viña Festival. From that moment on, I always wanted to finish them.” the user “I only exist” wrote on the social network.

But that was not all. He claimed to have seen intimate photos of the singer, and the alleged infidelity would have happened years earlier. .

Amid the controversy, Rosenthal took to Instagram to discuss options for leaving Chile, but did not give reasons for the decision.

Source: Biobiochile

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