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‘He asked me to kill him’: Pepi Velasco opens up about severe Parkinson’s disease his father suffered from



Actress Pepi Velasco recalled that her father, who was sane during the illness, was so drained that he asked her to take his life because of the damage caused by the illness.

Actress Josephina “Pepi” Velasco commented Thursday night grill partners How he faced his father’s illness and death after going through the most complicated parts of Parkinson’s disease.

Interpreters shared with Jorge Zabaleta, Francisco Saavedra, Pedro Lumino, and others sharing with her on the text game set. She was consulted about her father and his diagnosis.

Speaking about how they discovered the disease, Velasco affirmed:because One is very ignorant in the face of these diseases. ”

Parkinson’s disease is a terrifying disease. , because it is a progressive degeneration. It makes you worse in every way: cognitively, physically and emotionally,” he explained.

“My father was an athletic, sociable, jovial cockerel, a party host, a king of the world. He was a friend of friends, a friend of enemies, and an incredible sense of humor.” It was a super choro, very choro with a sense of the word,” the actress explained.

Pepi Velasco then assured his father: He needed special attention, so he was already living in a nursing home. I had catheters, diapers, and many other things. “

“He asked me to kill him. He said to me: ‘Grab that cushion and let me drown'”, she said excitedly. “It was so heavy and so strong,” he said.

It is because of the experience that Velasco feels life should be celebrated. “I feel like When the moment of strong illness comes, that’s the end of life When you can’t enjoy your days, share them with your friends, and celebrate your life, I think it’s over. “

“or My father died before he died.” he lamented, stating, “I lit a white candle and asked my father to leave, but he would not leave.”

“His head was very good, very clear, but he was very deteriorating. It was a relief when he passed away. They don’t know the joy of his father’s death, it was great.” commented.

So, on his departure, he assured them they had decided to celebrate. Healed, drank, sang, talked about my old man,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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