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They confirm the show starring Gonzalo Ramirez: He meets up with the old TVN duo again



Journalist Gonzalo Ramirez made his debut on Mega’s screens this afternoon, announcing his new project on Signal after it was confirmed to arrive on Signal this week.

This Friday, Mega confirmed a space where journalist Gonzalo Ramirez will act as an animator. They also revealed who their new TV partners will be.

The first announcement came suddenly in the morning Pleased to meet youwhen Ramirez appeared on screen with a journalist Natasha Kennard Introducing Catherine Ibáñez’s office in Estacion Central.

So after the original animators returned, they delivered the good news: Communicator in charge mega news connect “We’re leaving at 6:30 on Tuesday morning,” Kennard revealed.

“This is a prize. With all the desire and encouragement to wake up with information, we will be very soon but in a good mood,” Ramirez assured.

Other Gonzalo Ramirez newscasts from Mega

Confirmed BioBio Chile east This is not the only project of tvN’s ex-face as he also appears in another television duo with Andrea Aristogui in the Meganoticias Update newscast.

So, starting at 1pm, the communicators will report the most relevant news of the day. As a result, Ramirez officially joins as a successor to Jose Luis Repening, I resigned a few weeks ago to join Channel 13.

Ramirez as well Nationwide Signal news reunites with Aristegui, his duo for years Until Pro left the channel in 2018.

Gonzalo Ramirez and Andrea Aristegui pose together at Meganoticias' inn.

Ramirez debut fight arrives 1 week after leaving tvN Then the pro said goodbye during the cue tears since practicing as a pro.

“Half of my life at tvN I sincerely appreciate your channel , for all that I have learned professionally and personally. It is in this place that I have made deep friendships and met extraordinary people on and off camera in these 20 years of his life,” he said at the time.

You leave with mixed feelings about leaving a place you love. but I also took the responsibility of my life to take steps to continue to develop myself and take on new challenges.

Source: Biobiochile

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