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Lari Esposito accuses viewers of sexual harassment live: ‘It’s not no’



The Argentinian actress and singer responded to a viewer who asked for “advice” on how to conquer her neighbor, but her story was actually sexual harassment.

Argentinian singer Lari Esposito issued a strong reprimand during the Spanish program anthillThere he leads a section where viewers ask him for love advice and stumbles upon a story that leads to sexual harassment.

is about A subject who asked Lari for advice on how to subdue a neighbor. In his testimony, he explained that even the woman accused him of harassment. without success in legal proceedings.

“I’m in love with my neighbor Blanca. What would you recommend doing to attract her? He sued me for harassment last year and I won. That’s why I don’t know what to do. Help me. She sent her 18 yellow roses and a stuffed animal. cool. Raoul,” she told the story.

The singer’s face was shaken by such a confession and did not hesitate in her reaction. I am happy that you sent it. A clear example of being a stalker ”.

‘Bouquets don’t justify violence,’ says Lari Esposito

“He himself says that the man asked his neighbor to come out, but she tells him no. As I understand it, her neighbor goes so far as to accuse him.” It’s coming, which means it’s going to be justice,” Esposito stresses.

He also asked about the subject’s “bragging” about winning the harassment trial, noting: “I am not surprised that justice does not stand up for women in this matter.” .

“For me, this is a clear example of being a stalker. It’s nice that the girl over there sees this and understands A bouquet does not justify violence, a gesture that asserts someone ‘ he affirms.

The moment went viral on the network, and many women and people who had been harassed agreed with Lari Esposito. “So, dear Raul, no that’s what i have to tell you No, no! ‘ he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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