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‘You don’t have to call’: José Antonio Neme’s message to Rabin Jr. after notes about Kathy Barriga



The communicator did not hesitate to ask former mayor Kathy Barriga’s husband not to call the program to defend her.

morning entertainer Pleased to meet you, Jose Antonio Neme sent a strong message to her husband Kathy Barriga Former Mayor of Maipu , Joaquin Rabin Jr. It was after issuing a note on new data on fraud detected during his administration that the communicator told him: “My husband doesn’t need to call to defend her.” .

this thursday Inspector General of the Republic announced the decision Disputes payment of nearly P1 billion made by Maipu city during former mayor Kathy Barriga’s administration .

When the Mega Morning Panel was speaking on this topic, before sending a note on it, José Antonio Neme said: “Maipu is in very serious managerial troubles today due to lack of money and frank nonsense. I say frankly, there is no need for her husband to call to protect her. .” .

“She can defend herself. This has nothing to do with her status as a woman, it has nothing to do with her status as a former public authority.” he argued.

He added: “If the phone is about to start, I don’t want to.” declared before introducing the panelists in charge of the discussion.

José Antonio Neme’s comments came after Deputy Joaquin Rabin Jr. aired notes and information related to misconduct uncovered during his administration as Mayor of Maipu to defend his wife Kathy Barriga. This is due to repeated occasions that have called on various television programs.

Director’s objection

The Republican Comptroller General has challenged a payment of P1 billion made by the city of Maipu during the administration of former mayor Kathy Barriga.Therefore he derived predecessor of the Ministry of Public Affairs .

This result was achieved in 2020 after an audit of contracts for overtime and fees when local government employees or their services were transferred.

Reviews allowed us to judge that More than $872 million pesos paid to 46 service providers if we were unable to confirm that the service was provided, they were not supported .

In addition to this, the municipality confirmed. Aggregated over $81 million to pay out “Golden Year Bonus” benefits As of December 2019, it was delivered to 14 honorary officers who are 75 years old or older and plan to voluntarily retire.

Source: Biobiochile

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