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‘There was a situation I didn’t like’: Leonora cried after the chef’s apprentice left


Chef Leonora Saavedra has opened up about part of her time on the show El Discípulo del Chef, revealing the reason for her tears and subsequent elimination. It was all due to the poor condition of the ingredients.

former participant chef’s apprentice, Leonora saavedra , explained the reason for her crying and subsequent removal from the cooking show. As he said, his tears were caused by the ingredients in his cooking not being in the best condition.

As she said on the show, Leonora wasn’t happy with her preparations. 7 pages. there was a situation that i don’t like I have always respected cooking and I had to make pil pil shrimp, but the shrimp was bad and soggy and I was told “no more”. “, he argued.

She felt helpless and this very thing brought her to tears. impotence because i knew the food was bad , but I had to follow the chef’s orders.I cried even though I had nothing more to say “No, I will not give you this dish.” ‘ he expressed.

Leonora’s Passage “Chef’s Apprentice”

former participant chef He also noted his persistence in cooking competitions, from which he concluded: “I didn’t learn much from learning because the format is so different from MasterChef.” he argued.

“There were things I didn’t like, things I missed. What I didn’t like was that you weren’t surprised. Everything was scheduled, no recipes, no to-do’s, they didn’t let you. it wasn’t you ‘ he reflected.

However, he cherished the meeting with his former colleague. chef and make new friends.Leonora was last eliminated on this Thursday’s episode of the show chef’s apprentice CHV’s.

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