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‘I cried for three days’: Claudio Moreno talks about his marital breakdown after drug rehab



The actor opened up about his drug rehabilitation process and how this led to the breakdown of his marriage.

The actor behind the round and round, Claudio Moreno talked about him marital breakdown , occurred after undergoing a rehabilitation process for drug use. Regarding this fact, he argued: “I cried three days in a row.” .

The comedian referred to this episode of his life during his participation in the final episode. we can talk When the guest of the program is called Talk about situations of great grief and distress at the family level .

In this instance, the actor behind the famous character spoke about his past as a drug user, and subsequent rehab, in addition to the marital breakdown that caused this entire period.

“My pain has something to do with pain I’ve never felt, never experienced, and has something to do with the process of having to go through drug rehabilitation,” he began explaining.

Claudio Moreno reported it before hospitalization “He slept on the street, slept in the square. I was thrown. I didn’t have it.” As a result, his parents had to pay for his treatment.

When I entered the rehabilitation center where I stayed for four months, there were constant visits of children with their mothers.

It was in one of these instances that he had a conversation with his ex-partner that marked the end of their relationship.

“Claudia went to see me every Sunday, in fact she took my two-year-old son who asked her to see her father, and my wife very patiently took her three children to the center. went.” was counted.

“We were one of these days, I tell you “Hey Claudia” I already felt like half a champion, and I tell him: What happens to us when we finish this process? ”, contextualized. “And she looks at me and says, You don’t seem to understand anything… Your kachai (sic) I hate you? he said.

That answer had a strong impact on the actor behind Guru-Guru. Because he was still in love. “The one you love, the one who loved you the most, the one I made my life with, we started at 13… He said to my face, ‘I hate you.’ It was strong, I cried three days in a row.” confessed.

“Those words are so strong that I am moved again every time I remember them.” he added.

However, Moreno reflected on his ex-wife’s decision, stating that “all the blame lies with him alone.” Those three days were like death and resurrection and I said: “I sowed this, this is what I reap, I sowed hatred” i know that I was responsible for everything, I dragged all this on for letting my kids and my wife live ” he admitted.

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